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 Post subject: How fast 15 years pass
PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:37 am 

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Remembering January 2004. Being in Prologue courtesy of the "clerical error." Joyously fighting the lag in the City. Endlessly trying to jump the DRC's barricades with so many other explorers. Completely immersed in it all.

And thinking it would never end.

...At its peak, Uru Prologue hosted 10,000 players. The following February [2004], with only a few days warning, publisher Ubisoft and developer Cyan announced that Uru Prologue would be closing and that the full public release, Uru Live, was being cancelled. Players gathering in-world for the server shutdown is remembered by players as "Black Monday" -- or "Black Tuesday," depending on which time zone players were in at the time of the closure.

Players in the study described their reaction to this announcement and its aftermath as "post traumatic stress," many using those precise terms, and most of them were surprised by the strength of their emotional response.

-- Crawford, Gary, Victoria K. Gosling and Ben Light, 2011. Gamers: The Social and Cultural Significance of Online Games. p. 166.

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Yes, times fly, doesn’t it.
I never made it to prologue. When Uru was launched by Ubisoft I was confident that it would only be a matter of weeks before the Mac version would come along. However, as many of us know, that didn’t happen. So after a few months of waiting I ended up buying a PC, and a very fancy 128 K modem.
I played the game through I and felt ready to joining the online part of the game. But sadly, at that time the online part had been shut down.
Then my memory is blurry. I know I was on different shards. I met Supergram, who was rehearsing an upcoming Sct. Pat Day March. I joined the rehearsal, but was soon left hopelessly behind because of lag.
Then came the D’Mala Shard. That was a great and fun time, It taught me to go about, interact with other “onliners”, and handle that totally new concept it was to be online in an internet community.

During D’Mala Gametap showed interrest in Uru. After a year, as I recall, D’Mala was shut down, and Gametap took over.
It was like starting all over again. The city was, as FreddyD mentions, full of DRC barricades we tried to jump over in order to get to closed areas of the city, and some of us really did succeed. The secret to this was by way of the “superjump” which you could provoke at different places in the game. Tokotah Roof was a good place:)
It was also during that time Watashi, Peni, Branman and I formed the Uru Cavern Skydivers.

But sadly, all good things come to an end.
Eventually Gametap backed out, and that was the end of an incredible online game experience, with a fantastic mythology, and even a developing storyline. A game way ahead of its time.

Luckily we can still visit the cavern, and I do that from time to time.
Thank you all uru gamers.
Thank you CYAN for the last 15 years of Uru and the last 25 years of the Myst saga.

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