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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 6:14 am 
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Ran into Structural Engineer Michael Engberg at the top of the stairs today. Apparently he's been visiting his daughter at school on the surface. She'll be homsechooling from the Cavern next semester. There's some stuff in this log about the Linking event on Tuesday, what they're doing about the barriers, and Michael answering our questions patiently. Enjoy!

(12/21 23:30:39) Chat.log started...
(12/21 23:30:39) Michael Engberg: Well, the DRC is a bit split on that issue - opening things up.
(12/21 23:30:57) Dan'nee: Which side do you rest on?
(12/21 23:30:58 ) Michael Engberg: And I have to admit that I'm one of the more cautious ones.
(12/21 23:31:21) Kero: I still find it hard to believe that a Bahro screem caused us to loose our hood heek tables and scopes
(12/21 23:31:25) Dan'nee: When they say that certain things have been noticed since Tuesday, what do they mean?
(12/21 23:31:26) Michael Engberg: My daughter spends time down here and so... well you understand
(12/21 23:32:03) Do'Tsahvahn: I hope this incident hasn't cost you too much family time.
(12/21 23:32:05) ian1: We don't know that it was the scream that caused it. It could have been something else.
(12/21 23:32:28 ) Do'Tsahvahn: Especially this time of year.
(12/21 23:32:36) Michael Engberg: I was on the surface with my daughter until today.
(12/21 23:32:44) Dan'nee: How is she?
(12/21 23:33:02) Michael Engberg: She's fine. She'll be joining me on Saturday I belive.
(12/21 23:33:09) Dan'nee: Great!
(12/21 23:33:10) Michael Engberg: If everything works out.
(12/21 23:33:17) Analord: Kero, it's already been explained to us that the DRC took down the hood elements for technical reasons..
(12/21 23:33:18 ) ian1: How often does she come down here to the cavern?
(12/21 23:33:50) Michael Engberg: She comes down on occasion. She's been in school. But coming back down now for a while.
(12/21 23:34:06) ian1: :)
(12/21 23:34:18 ) Michael Engberg: She loves it down here. Hard to keep her away.
(12/21 23:34:24) Kero: ok - This is my first time in the city - guess I missed the explanating
(12/21 23:34:29) ian1: I can see why
(12/21 23:34:30 ) Michael Engberg: I know shes met some of you - but I don't know who.
(12/21 23:34:32) Kero: explination
(12/21 23:34:41) Dan'nee: What is your particular job with the DRC, Michael Engberg?
(12/21 23:35:20 ) Michael Engberg: I'm a structural engineer by trade. Comes in handy.
(12/21 23:35:22) To Kero: Michael Engberg works with the D'ni Restoration Council in restoring the city
(12/21 23:35:42) Michael Engberg: So me being late didn't help with getting things inspected and open. Sorry.
(12/21 23:35:53) Analord: Complicated structures we've got around here..
(12/21 23:35:59) Dan'nee: What were you doing, if you don't mind us asking?
(12/21 23:36:06) Michael Engberg: Just now?
(12/21 23:36:10) From Kero: thanks Dan'nee
(12/21 23:36:16) Do'Tsahvahn: That would work, too.
(12/21 23:36:17) Dan'nee: that held you up 'till today
(12/21 23:36:23) Analord: I think he's asking why you were late..
(12/21 23:36:51) Michael Engberg: Oh, on the surface I was spending time with Wheely while she was wrapping up school.
(12/21 23:36:51) Do'Tsahvahn: Shopping for last minute gifts?
(12/21 23:37:03) Michael Engberg: No time for shopping. :)
(12/21 23:37:09) Dan'nee: Some much needed vacation, I suppose
(12/21 23:37:36) Michael Engberg: Well, I like it down here as much as any vacation. But every now and then...
(12/21 23:37:44) Dan'nee: What school is Wheely attending?
(12/21 23:37:53) Analord: It has to be work sometimes...
(12/21 23:38:05) Dan'nee: I'm sorry if I'm getting too personal, but we're all interested in the DRC and the restoration
(12/21 23:38:05) Michael Engberg: High School in Portland.
(12/21 23:38:18 ) Branan: Oregon? or Maine?
(12/21 23:38:32) Michael Engberg: Oregon, that's we're from.
(12/21 23:38:55) Michael Engberg: She's been suffering through school, wanting to get back down here.
(12/21 23:39:08 ) Dan'nee: Believe me, we understand. :)
(12/21 23:39:14) Branan: I know that feeling all too well
(12/21 23:39:16) Kero: I can believe it
(12/21 23:39:22) Alan: May I ask you something about the members of the DRC?
(12/21 23:39:29) Dan'nee: I'm just glad I have some time off work right now
(12/21 23:39:30 ) Michael Engberg: Certainly.
(12/21 23:39:31) Analord: Funny you choose that word. You make it seem you agree she would be better off down here than in school. :-)
(12/21 23:39:59) Alan: have some or all of you participated in Yeesha's journy?
(12/21 23:39:59) Branan: You can learn the history of the Multiverse down here. Far more interesting than algebra
(12/21 23:40:05) Michael Engberg: Well, I'll be "home schooling" her down here for her next semester.
(12/21 23:40:32) Analord: That would be an awesome experience. So much for public school...
(12/21 23:40:37) Do'Tsahvahn: So that's why the classroom imagers are back on...
(12/21 23:40:41) Dan'nee: I'd like to know that, too, Alan.
(12/21 23:40:43) Michael Engberg: We've all participated in Yeesha's journey. I think we've all changed a bit.
(12/21 23:41:20 ) Alan: May i ask why you don't carry your relto?
(12/21 23:41:27) Michael Engberg: We started with some pretty preconcieved notions about things. I think we're more open now.
(12/21 23:41:40 ) ian1: I have a question.
(12/21 23:41:45) Analord: That's nice to hear.
(12/21 23:41:50 ) Do'Tsahvahn: It's interesting. The cavern closing has changed explorers too. I haven't heard much DRC bashing as their used to be...
(12/21 23:41:57) Michael Engberg: I do. You just can't see it. (EDIT: This said in response to the question "May I ask why you don't carry your relto)
(12/21 23:42:07) Do'Tsahvahn: Sorry to hear that.
(12/21 23:42:15) ian1: Is the govornment aware of the existance of D'ni?
(12/21 23:42:16) Dan'nee: No, he means he carries his Relot
(12/21 23:42:20) Dan'nee: You just can't see it
(12/21 23:42:25) Do'Tsahvahn: Er...
(12/21 23:42:30) Do'Tsahvahn: Which question did he answer/
(12/21 23:42:38 ) Ragdrazi: Well, as I understand it, the DRC has finally started to work the PR angle.
(12/21 23:42:53) Alan: Ah, fair. big pockets i guess. :)
(12/21 23:42:57) Michael Engberg: Sorry, you can't see my Relto. But I wouldn't be caught without it.
(12/21 23:43:16) Alan: May I inquire about how your perceptions have changed between before and after taling the journy?
(12/21 23:43:23) Dan'nee: What about ian's question? I'm interested in knowing if the government knows about D'ni, too.
(12/21 23:43:33) Michael Engberg: I have no idea on the governments awareness of this place. They certainly haven't sent any funding. :)
(12/21 23:43:58 ) Kero: Scuse me if I ask something that has been asked before - any estimate as to when we will be allowed to join you on that side of the barriers?
(12/21 23:44:05) Do'Tsahvahn: Michael, did you know the cavern is not ADA complient? :>)
(12/21 23:44:09) Alan: isn't it illegal to conduct archaeological digs and surveys without government permission?
(12/21 23:44:21) Michael Engberg: Perceptions at first were very steeped in what we knew. I think we're more open to...
(12/21 23:44:32) Michael Engberg: what we don't know and understand now.
(12/21 23:44:35) Ragdrazi: magic?
(12/21 23:44:40) Alan: Thanks you.
(12/21 23:44:48 ) Ragdrazi: What we don't know and understand now.
(12/21 23:44:50) Ragdrazi: ...
(12/21 23:44:54) Michael Engberg: Well, some might call it magic. I prefer to think we just don't understand it.
(12/21 23:44:56) Michael Engberg: :)
(12/21 23:44:58 ) Dan'nee: Have you heard any more from Yeesha lately, that we haven't?
(12/21 23:45:00) Ragdrazi: ...
(12/21 23:45:10) Branan: Are the areas closed off just closed for inspection, to make sure nothing's collapsed over the past couple years, or are there other reason related to the recent linking Event?
(12/21 23:45:24) Branan: Or other reasons in general, really
(12/21 23:45:33) Dan'nee: Yes, it was related to the recently linking Event, they are inspeting things
(12/21 23:45:35) Ragdrazi: I'm tired of this Yeesha person. I know nothing of her and already I'm tired of her.
(12/21 23:45:37) Dan'nee: making sure it's safe
(12/21 23:45:45) Michael Engberg: We've heard what you've heard regarding Yeesha.
(12/21 23:45:54) Alan: but yes, isn't it illegal to conduct archaeological activities without a government permit?
(12/21 23:46:14) Branan: Depends on the nature of the dig, etc.
(12/21 23:46:17) Michael Engberg: Most of the closed areas are that way for inspection. We had some minor damage, or at least...
(12/21 23:46:25) Michael Engberg: we want to make sure it was only minor.
(12/21 23:46:38 ) Ragdrazi: Shouldn't we ~all~ have hard hats.
(12/21 23:46:51) Michael Engberg: I'm glad to see some of you wearing the Santa hats I brought down today.
(12/21 23:46:58 ) Do'Tsahvahn: Was there some sort of seismic event when we all linked?
(12/21 23:47:07) Alan: thanks fer the hats Michael.
(12/21 23:47:12) Analord: Thank you! It's a wonderful addition to my garb...
(12/21 23:47:13) Branan: Thanks for the hats
(12/21 23:47:23) Michael Engberg: I think there were all kinds of events when the link happened.
(12/21 23:47:28 ) Do'Tsahvahn: Is the damage at least consistent with a seismic event?
(12/21 23:47:30) Dan'nee raises hand
(12/21 23:47:47) Do'Tsahvahn: Could you explain, Michael?
(12/21 23:47:55) Michael Engberg: Actually I had selfish reasons for the Holiday decor - Wheely. :)
(12/21 23:48:00) Michael Engberg: She'll love it.
(12/21 23:48:08 ) Dan'nee: Have you heard any word of "Destruction is coming"?
(12/21 23:48:10) ian1: :D
(12/21 23:48:23) Kero: love the hat - just wish I had that beautiful T- shirt with the Arch on it back
(12/21 23:48:43) Alan: will the site maps of the cavern and mapping of artifacts in situe be made available to explorers at some point?
(12/21 23:48:43) Michael Engberg: Some of the damage is consistant with a seismic event, and some of the changes aren't explainable...
(12/21 23:48:49) Michael Engberg: by anything I know of.
(12/21 23:49:03) Do'Tsahvahn: Interesting.
(12/21 23:49:06) Michael Engberg: But that's what we're looking into.
(12/21 23:49:34) Michael Engberg: Victor said he saw some kind of spike on the lattice as well. I don't even really know what that means...
(12/21 23:49:37) ian1: Can you give an example of one of the unexplainable changes?
(12/21 23:49:52) Michael Engberg: except it messed up some KI stuff, and imager stuff I believe.
(12/21 23:50:32) Michael Engberg: Well some things just changed. Things that were in certain places were gone, and/or moved.
(12/21 23:50:59) Dan'nee: When in doubt, blame the Bahro?
(12/21 23:51:09) Do'Tsahvahn: Did the lattice/changes affect the Great Zero? Will we be able to start calibrating it again soon?
(12/21 23:51:20) Branan: I know all of you at the DRC are busy, but do you think you could talk to Mr. Laxman about giving a presentation on how the Lattice system actually works? I'm sure that many of us are curious about what exactly it is we wear on our hands
(12/21 23:51:23) Michael Engberg: I'm sure you noticed the neighborhood had some items missing. We're looking for those items.
(12/21 23:51:55) Michael Engberg: I'll talk to Victor about that. I might learn something, too.
(12/21 23:52:10) Branan: thanks
(12/21 23:52:26) Alan: Didn't one of the DRC members earlier say that those items had been removed for some reaosn? is that not true? did they just disapear?
(12/21 23:52:29) ian1: Were all of the missing items a result of the incident or did you remove some?
(12/21 23:52:32) Michael Engberg: Great Zero is being inspected as well. I'll be heading up there in the next few days. I have no idea what to expect.
(12/21 23:52:57) Michael Engberg: We turned things off, but didn't really move things.
(12/21 23:53:08 ) Dan'nee: Kind of off topic question, but ddo you know which Neighborhood the DRC belogns to?
(12/21 23:53:28 ) Michael Engberg: And things haven't really dissapeared, they've just been rearranged. Or they show up again.
(12/21 23:53:31) Michael Engberg: Very strange.
(12/21 23:53:41) Michael Engberg: Although we've seen this before.
(12/21 23:53:48 ) Michael Engberg: On a smaller scale.
(12/21 23:53:51) Dan'nee: When have you seen this before?
(12/21 23:54:06) Do'Tsahvahn: Was there a single previous event, or many?

*** At this point, eChip had done a superjump off the Tokotah roof and ended up behind the barriers, with Michael. ***

(12/21 23:54:22) Michael Engberg: eChip your safty is in your own hands back here.
(12/21 23:54:23) Analord: I have to go.. It was very nice to meet and speak wit you Mr. Engberg...
(12/21 23:54:33) Alan: Hulllo echip... how did you get over there? and how can i get over there?
(12/21 23:54:46) Ragdrazi laughs
(12/21 23:54:46) Michael Engberg: I don't recommend it.
(12/21 23:54:54) eChip: Scared me and I ain't scared of nuttin........
(12/21 23:55:03) Michael Engberg: We'll do what we can to get this area cleared.
(12/21 23:55:17) Kero: very soon I hope
(12/21 23:55:22) Michael Engberg: I hope so.
(12/21 23:55:37) Michael Engberg: Thanks for your patience.
(12/21 23:55:39) Dan'nee: We appreciate your efforts, Micahel. And all the DRC
(12/21 23:55:57) Robert F. Caine: Will the DRC website be updated soon?
(12/21 23:56:00 ) Michael Engberg: It's a marvelous place, the city proper. But in much worse condition than here.
(12/21 23:56:09) Alan: you do realize that being patronised aout our safety is not endearing.>? I mean its my responsibility to look after my self. why am i not allowed to decide whats safe for me?
(12/21 23:56:10 ) Kero: I just want more places to explore
(12/21 23:56:17) Michael Engberg: There are many more areas here to open before the city proper.
(12/21 23:56:45) Do'Tsahvahn: What is beyond the gate tunnel by the Ferry Terminal?
(12/21 23:56:45) Michael Engberg: We'll finish up our inspections, and try to get on to some other places and ages. We know you want them soon.
(12/21 23:57:11) Michael Engberg: It goes over below the concert halll.
(12/21 23:57:22) eChip: goto Eder Gira (steam vents), jump over the stream, touch linking book then
(12/21 23:57:35) Michael Engberg: D'ni used to sail their boats over there and listen to the concerts in that canyon.
(12/21 23:57:44) Michael Engberg: Must have been magnificent.
(12/21 23:57:45) catherwood: i'm still in awe of what i see right now, sure would love a boat ride out on the water to take it all in
(12/21 23:57:47) Dan'nee: That sounds pretty neat
(12/21 23:57:48 ) Kero: And I wish the DRC would stop treating me like a child
(12/21 23:58:00) eChip: Link to the Tokotah roof top then get on the pile of boxes then
(12/21 23:58:04) Michael Engberg: How old are you Kero?
(12/21 23:58:10) Michael Engberg: :)
(12/21 23:58:27) Alan: Like in toronto harbour sometimes...
(12/21 23:58:34) Kero: pushing 40
(12/21 23:58:37) Michael Engberg: Sometimes the children have more benefits than the adults around here.
(12/21 23:58:39) eChip: Practice running at the left front corner of the top box, under the lantern then
(12/21 23:59:03) Ragdrazi: ...
(12/21 23:59:04) Alan: how do you mean Michael?
(12/21 23:59:19) Michael Engberg: Well I'll leave you all to try killing yourself by jumping off the Tokotah rooftop!
(12/21 23:59:21) Dan'nee: The adults have to work :)
(12/21 23:59:32) eChip: Try it several hunderd times and you should get a super jump over the wall at 60 ft high to this area
(12/21 23:59:33) Michael Engberg: Thanks for chatting. It's nice to see so many of you.
(12/21 23:59:43) catherwood waves
(12/21 23:59:44) Dan'nee: Thanks for answering out questions, Michael
(12/21 23:59:44) K'Dahta: nice talking to you
(12/21 23:59:46) Alan: oh, well thanks for the chat.
(12/21 23:59:48 ) Dan'nee waves
(12/21 23:59:50) Alan: ta
(12/21 23:59:53) K'Dahta waves
(12/21 23:59:56) Do'Tsahvahn: Bye Michael.
(12/21 23:59:56) eChip waves
(12/21 23:59:59) Ragdrazi: Sorry about the... uh... PR dig...
(12/22 00:00:00) Branan: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us
(12/22 00:00:02) Ragdrazi: ...
(12/22 00:00:08 ) Michael Engberg: Of course. Thanks again for your patience. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me.
(12/22 00:00:09) Ragdrazi: (not particularly)
(12/22 00:00:10) eChip: Good luck
(12/22 00:00:14) Michael Engberg waves
(12/22 00:00:18 ) Ant: Hey where do i get my santa hat ?
(12/22 00:00:19) Dan'nee: Shorah
(12/22 00:00:19) Ragdrazi waves
(12/22 00:00:22) Branan waves
(12/22 00:00:32) Robert F. Caine waves
(12/22 00:00:34) ...Chat.log stopped.

*** Michael Engberg walked back to the city. ***

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 8:04 am 

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Interesting. I wish I could have been there.

And on another positive note with it, things were a lot more controlled than with the Kodoma meeting. Thank you explores!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 9:02 am 
Obduction Backer

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Thanks for the log!!
Great conversation... great questions... and great answers! :D

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 5:02 pm 

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wow, now thats a civilised conversation!

That's cool, what he was saying about the D'ni having boat parties in in the canyon under the concert hall - that'd be a blast!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 5:07 pm 

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Hey, has anyone thought to colorize these chat logs so we can more easily follow the conversation thread?

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 6:02 pm 

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What an interesting discussion, I am sorry I missed it too, but very grateful for the log, thank you.

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"We Build Worlds"

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 6:09 pm 

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Yes this was a bit too late @ night for me - but thanks for the log! :D

Edit:- cool this is my 900th post! :D

"The Ending has not yet been written" - Yeesha in Tomahna!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 6:18 pm 
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Not really colourized but I have been archiving logs here and bolding the text spoken by the DRC/Cyan/GameTap folk

Log Archives

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 6:42 pm 
Obduction Backer

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Thee are also many archives here. Sorry I didn't make it easy to read, but I was posting quick last night before I went to bed. I'll edit it to highlight some portions.[/url]

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:51 am 

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Great log Dan'nee :) I finally got to read it ;)

(12/21 23:53:2Cool Michael Engberg: And things haven't really dissapeared, they've just been rearranged. Or they show up again.
(12/21 23:53:31) Michael Engberg: Very strange.
(12/21 23:53:41) Michael Engberg: Although we've seen this before.
(12/21 23:53:4Cool Michael Engberg: On a smaller scale.
(12/21 23:53:51) Dan'nee: When have you seen this before?
It was happening to Douglas Sharper with the bahro stone until he put up the hanging rocks in Teledahn. It also happened to the DRC in 2002 or 2003 with some books going missing and then turning up in other locations.


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:36 pm 
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Thanks for going through the log and boldfacing the names of the people in the conversation. It really makes reading the log a lot easier :)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 3:41 am 

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I agree, thanks for the boldfacing. It's not what I would call a complete solution, but it certainly does help while better alternatives are being considered.

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