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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:51 pm 

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To return the favour:
(01/04 23:40:52) Michael Engberg: Good morning.
(01/04 23:41:02) Hitana waves
(01/04 23:41:14) Michael Engberg: Hello.
(01/04 23:41:36) Hitana: how are you michael?
(01/04 23:41:45) From Erik: where is he?
(01/04 23:41:55) To Erik: Down at the Tokotah Alley. Sorry.
(01/04 23:42:17) Michael Engberg: Hello. I'm not here for any announcements, I just couldn't sleep so thought I'd walk around the cavern a bit.
(01/04 23:42:36) Ragdrazi: ...
(01/04 23:42:37) John Lynch: Aaah well we're always happy to have you down here to talk with us. Did you have a nice Christmas with Wheely?
(01/04 23:42:42) Erik: hello Mr Engberg
(01/04 23:42:50) Erik waves
(01/04 23:42:58) Hitana: i wondered why you are up so early!
(01/04 23:43:00) Michael Engberg: We had a very nice Christmas. Thank you.
(01/04 23:43:15) Michael Engberg: How was yours?
(01/04 23:43:20) Ragdrazi: So... as apposed to not sleeping and walking around cavern. Could you not sleeping and hand me a hard hat?
(01/04 23:43:24) Hitana: mine was nice thx
(01/04 23:43:36) John Lynch: Pretty good. Fairly quiet though. Called my parents in Australia :)
(01/04 23:44:21) Erik: Mr Engberg, we were just wondering, what's in the upper part of the Library. Could you tell us what's inside?
(01/04 23:44:41) Michael Engberg: Rag - If you're intent enough on exploring to need a hard hat, I'm sure you'll be able to find one on your own. There are pleny laying about.
(01/04 23:45:01) Ragdrazi: ...
(01/04 23:45:14) Ragdrazi looks around.
(01/04 23:45:26) Erik: Ragdrazi, John and I have one too, it's not hard to find one.
(01/04 23:45:30) John Lynch: Michael: Something I thought of last week Marie might want to find out. Was the D'ni on Noloben ever contacted after the 19th scream? With him not having a Relto book (I assume) he may or may not have been affected. If he was he might be -very- confused.
(01/04 23:45:40) Ragdrazi: None here.
(01/04 23:46:05) Ragdrazi: Not here either.
(01/04 23:46:08) John Lynch: Also we've heard or read he knows something about "creatures" which some of us think are Bahro, so if he does know about the Bahro then he might know -why- they linked everyone like they did.
(01/04 23:46:41) Ragdrazi: Hmmm. Not over here either.
(01/04 23:46:41) John Lynch: I've been looking for Marie to suggest that to but I haven't been able to find her (just bad luck, I'm sleeping when she's awake and around, she's busy when I'm awake).
(01/04 23:46:42) Michael Engberg: John, we thought about that, actually. The D'ni who was on Noloben is no longer there.
(01/04 23:46:45) Ragdrazi: Well, I give up.
(01/04 23:46:58) Hitana: do you know where he had gone?
(01/04 23:47:02) Erik: that's interesting
(01/04 23:47:08) John Lynch: Really? Do you know of any other natives to the various Ages who have suddenly dissapeared?
(01/04 23:47:27) John Lynch: From the 19th onwards?
(01/04 23:47:52) Michael Engberg: It didn't look like he had been there for months.
(01/04 23:48:00) Erik: Did you found any Linking books on Noloben? Otherwise his disappearance must be real mystery,
(01/04 23:48:03) Ragdrazi: You know... not to sound hypocritical over my hard hat crud, but we might just let the guy walk around in peace.
(01/04 23:48:14) John Lynch: Aaah okay. Well I hope he wasn't affected regardless. I'll be on the lookout for him just in case though.
(01/04 23:48:42) From Lie'Ra: where is everyone? I lost y'all
(01/04 23:48:52) To Lie'Ra: Sorry! We're at the Tokotah Alley.
(01/04 23:49:15) Michael Engberg: John, that definitely wouldn't hurt.
(01/04 23:49:50) Hitana: what do you think of cate alexander?
(01/04 23:50:18) John Lynch: Her announcements certainly took all of us by surprise. Were the DRC just as surprised or have you been preparing the areas she announced for a little bit now? :)
(01/04 23:50:37) Erik: By the way, I would like to thank you all at the DRC for you hard work. Cate seems to be really pushing you (that's what she saying at least).
(01/04 23:50:53) Hitana thanks you
(01/04 23:51:10) Ragdrazi nods his head
(01/04 23:51:42) Myst'Aken: startlog
(01/04 23:51:51) Hitana: i did that myst
(01/04 23:51:56) Saruk: Well darn, if I don't leave right now, I'll be late for work... LOL
(01/04 23:51:57) Michael Engberg: Hitana, Hmm... she's a nice enough person.
(01/04 23:52:24) Erik: Bye Saruk, it's a long trip to the surface. Good luck.
(01/04 23:52:34) Ragdrazi: A love triangle brewing!... Tune in next time!
(01/04 23:52:37) John Lynch: Bye Saruk. Sorry to see you go.
(01/04 23:52:50) To Saruk: I'll post a transcript on the DRC site for you :)
(01/04 23:52:50) Saruk: Nice to see you again Mr. Engberg
(01/04 23:53:06) From Saruk: Thanks...
(01/04 23:53:10) tarbar: shorah all
(01/04 23:53:17) Saruk waves
(01/04 23:53:29) Michael Engberg: John, we've been working on areas for a long time.
(01/04 23:53:34) Michael Engberg: Bye, Saruk
(01/04 23:54:15) Michael Engberg: John, even with Cate's pushing, we'll continue to do our best to make sure areas are safe before opening them
(01/04 23:54:33) Hitana: thats good to hear
(01/04 23:54:46) Lie'Ra claps her hands
(01/04 23:54:48) tarbar: better safe than sorry.
(01/04 23:54:48) John Lynch: That's been a concern of mine, not now, but in the future. Connected to that, something one of the DRC said was that safety is no longer the only issue when deciding if you can open an area. Can you expand on that a bit? What others issues there are to consider in releasing areas?
(01/04 23:54:53) Hitana thanks you
(01/04 23:54:57) Ragdrazi: Why... why is Cate pushing to have areas opened?
(01/04 23:55:12) Michael Engberg: But you all know the golden rule. The with the gold makes the rules.
(01/04 23:55:32) Michael Engberg: (the one with the gold...)
(01/04 23:55:46) Erik: Yes, that's true...
(01/04 23:55:49) Hitana: wow thank you to be so honest
(01/04 23:55:51) Ragdrazi: That's fine, but... isn't she just being phalthophic.
(01/04 23:56:14) Michael Engberg looks for a dictionary.
(01/04 23:56:14) Ragdrazi: What interest does she have in opening ages at all.
(01/04 23:56:36) Ragdrazi: No.. no... I should be... looking...
(01/04 23:56:36) John Lynch: Philanthropic I think he means ;) As in, doing it out of charity and not for profit.
(01/04 23:57:03) Ragdrazi: Yes.
(01/04 23:57:21) Hitana: yeah is it for the explorers or for the profit?
(01/04 23:57:33) Lie'Ra: maybe a bit of both....
(01/04 23:57:36) Erik: She doesn't seem to be interested in D'ni the way you are... is she? We've only seen her once.
(01/04 23:57:46) Ragdrazi: She just looking to get her name in the histroy books really hard? At best she's a foot note.
(01/04 23:57:54) Michael Engberg: John, safety has never been the "only" concern. There are always many factors to take into account
(01/04 23:58:16) Ragdrazi: I knew it!
(01/04 23:58:22) Ragdrazi starts to laugh
(01/04 23:58:35) John Lynch: Really? Learn something new every day :)
(01/04 23:58:41) Ragdrazi looks up.
(01/04 23:59:22) Erik: Mr Engberg, were the gallery doors broken deliberate (maybe by Kadish himself)?
(01/04 23:59:42) Michael Engberg: Rag, It's hard to say. I think it's safe to say that she wants a return on her investment.
(01/04 23:59:57) John Lynch frowns
(01/05 00:00:03) Hitana whistles
(01/05 00:00:40) Michael Engberg: but I think that's true of anyone who makes an investment, isn't it?
(01/05 00:00:55) Lie'Ra nods her head
(01/05 00:00:57) John Lynch: With (what I imagine) the restoration costing so much, I'd be surprised if the money us explorers donate will allow that... I mean, these are real buildings that need repairing. Real technology that needs fixing. I doubt even a -ton- of explorers could fund that sort of thing.
(01/05 00:00:59) Erik: Yes, you are right.
(01/05 00:01:00) Hitana nods her head
(01/05 00:01:40) Michael Engberg: Erik, I couldn't say with 100% certainty, but yes, it looked deliberate to me.
(01/05 00:02:01) Erik: Thank you... that's interesting.
(01/05 00:02:10) Ragdrazi: Yeah. I mean... it's pretty average funding things, and i think a lot of people are over reacting to her. But, I mean... selling items to musemus? Reverse enginering linking books?
(01/05 00:02:59) John Lynch: Was there anything you wanted to talk about Michael? Anything you're really excited about that you want to talk about? I know when I'm doing work I enjoy I can't keep my mouth shut about it (to the annoyance of my family ;))
(01/05 00:03:09) tarbar: and the what ifs too. if those books get to the wrong ppll.
(01/05 00:03:27) Michael Engberg: John, yes, the restoration is expensive, even with us working with less than half the staff of last time
(01/05 00:03:57) Ragdrazi: What's new with you Mike. Everyone always asks you questions about things, no one's asking you about you.
(01/05 00:05:11) Michael Engberg: John, and there are no guarantees that Cate will see a return on her investment. I'm glad for another opportunity to try, though. :)
(01/05 00:05:43) John Lynch: Same. :) I think 2004 and 2005 proved to everyone how much we need the DRC down here :) Great to have you back again, that's for sure.
(01/05 00:05:52) Erik nods his head
(01/05 00:05:56) Hitana thanks you
(01/05 00:06:04) Michael Engberg: Rag, the nicest thing happening now is getting to spend time with my daughter.
(01/05 00:06:23) Michael Engberg: Thanks, John.
(01/05 00:06:49) Ragdrazi: Aww. Yeah, I've got a 4 year old little sis and two nephews myself.
(01/05 00:07:12) tikibear: Shorah, Explorers!
(01/05 00:07:38) John Lynch: One thing we were talking about earlier was the seismic activity on the 19th. Have you pin pointed the source of it (near Ae'gura? Near Rudenna? near the city proper?)? Was it why the bridge fell down over there (can see it from the Canyon area)?
(01/05 00:07:39) Hitana: willow is really nice, we met her some time ago...
(01/05 00:07:51) Michael Engberg: Speaking of which, I really should be getting back home. But thanks, everyone for the nice, informal chat.
(01/05 00:08:14) Lie'Ra: thank you for spending some time with us
(01/05 00:08:21) Ragdrazi waves
(01/05 00:08:26) Hitana thanks you
(01/05 00:08:31) Michael Engberg waves
(01/05 00:08:32) John Lynch: Anytime Michael! These things can sometimes seem like grill sessions for the poor DRC, but we're trying not to make them that (myself included). Although the DRC asking more questions will help avoid them feeling one-way grill :)
(01/05 00:08:36) Lie'Ra waves
(01/05 00:08:36) Hitana waves
(01/05 00:08:36) John Lynch waves
(01/05 00:08:37) Ragdrazi sneezes but it sounds like hard hats.
(01/05 00:08:38) Erik: Bye
(01/05 00:08:40) Erik waves
(01/05 00:08:42) Sheila'R: Bye
(01/05 00:08:43) Hitana: bye
(01/05 00:08:43) tarbar waves
(01/05 00:08:47) Erik: Nice to see you again.
(01/05 00:08:49) Myst'Aken thanks you
(01/05 00:08:49) Hitana: take care michael
(01/05 00:09:26) Erik cheers
(01/05 00:09:29) Erik cheers
(01/05 00:09:32) Erik cheers
(01/05 00:09:36) Erik: :-)
(01/05 00:09:40) Erik: This was great
(01/05 00:09:41) John Lynch: One thing I did want to say. Based on earlier comments it seems like the DRC said they know something about Dr. Watson. Happened on the 19th of April, 2005. It would help put a lot of minds at ease if the DRC could talk with someone about it sometime).)
(01/05 00:09:45) Ragdrazi: Point point!
(01/05 00:09:48) Hitana: k i've recorded how do I post it?
(01/05 00:09:57) Erik: I've recorded it too...
(01/05 00:10:04) Erik: It's in My Documents\Uru Live
(01/05 00:10:12) Erik: Somewhere there
(01/05 00:10:12) Hitana: k thx
(01/05 00:10:23) Ragdrazi: So, the next thing we're going to see in the game is some thing Cate's going to want to explote.
(01/05 00:10:24) tarbar: wow I finally get to hear something!
(01/05 00:10:30) Hitana: interesting john...
(01/05 00:10:31) Lie'Ra: me too
(01/05 00:10:36) To Michael Engberg: One thing I did want to say. Based on earlier comments it seemed like the DRC said they know something about what happened to Dr. Watson after he left, based on something that was said on the 15th of April. It would help a lot if the DRC could talk with someone about it sometime in the near future)
(01/05 00:10:41) Lie'Ra: Iusually miss all the good stuff
(01/05 00:10:45) Erik: Yeah.... this was a wonderful surprise. Normally I always miss them :P
(01/05 00:10:52) tarbar: me too
(01/05 00:10:55) Erik does a dance
(01/05 00:10:56) Hitana: i found it good that he was so honest!
(01/05 00:11:02) Hitana cheers
(01/05 00:11:04) tarbar: or its someones hood
(01/05 00:11:08) Lie'Ra does a dance
(01/05 00:11:12) Hitana does a dance

Formatted and edited one coming later.


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(01/05 00:09:45) Ragdrazi: Point point!

I meant to say "Plot point!" Instead it sounded like I was taking credit for something.

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As promised: Colour coded and edited transcript here


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