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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 7:16 pm 
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Nick White appeared in Ae'gura today to talk about the declining animal populations in Negilahn, and also to announce that Douglas Sharper is meeting with the DRC today:

(03/03 18:40:20) Chat.log started...
(03/03 18:40:26) Yawni : Whoa
(03/03 18:40:30) Yawni : An actual DRC member.
(03/03 18:40:34) Erik: Any news about Negilahn's creatures?
(03/03 18:40:49) Loolee70: oops i have 11 not 16.. and red ones
(03/03 18:40:51) Zaphodi: no
(03/03 18:41:16) Zaphodi: then you have all what we can find now
(03/03 18:41:28) Loolee70: yup
(03/03 18:41:44) Loolee70 does a dance
(03/03 18:42:00) Zaphodi: i can't wait GZCMs
(03/03 18:42:01) Erik: Is everything alright with Douglas Sharper?
(03/03 18:42:18) Nick White: He's having a meeting with the DRC right now.
(03/03 18:42:33) Almas: Cool
(03/03 18:42:37) Erik: Okay!
(03/03 18:42:43) Yawni : Any idea of what he'll be doing?
(03/03 18:43:17) Yawni : Or is that what the meeting is about?
(03/03 18:43:23) Loolee70: the lag is killing me
(03/03 18:43:41) Nick White: Not exactly sure.
(03/03 18:44:12) silverdragonesse: that's bad
(03/03 18:44:45) Nick White: I think he just wants to make sure everything is cool.
(03/03 18:44:56) Erik: okay. :)
(03/03 18:44:57) Yawni : Probably not a bad idea.
(03/03 18:45:10) Erik: well, I hope we'll see him soon
(03/03 18:45:19) L0RD 0WL waves hello
(03/03 18:45:38) Akin: any news with Negilahn?
(03/03 18:45:45) Nick White: What kind of news?
(03/03 18:46:01) Nick White: Are you lookng for...
(03/03 18:46:14) Erik: news about the creatures
(03/03 18:46:19) Akin: just any news on whats up with the animals
(03/03 18:46:20) Yawni : Are there any projects planned to raise animal pops?
(03/03 18:46:25) Zib: Yeah
(03/03 18:46:27) ian1: Where's nick?
(03/03 18:46:36) Yawni : In the Museum.
(03/03 18:47:05) Nick White: Same old. News doesn't come that fast on the animals.
(03/03 18:47:14) Nick White: I mean population is definitely down.
(03/03 18:47:18) Nick White: They are acting weird.
(03/03 18:47:28) Yawni : scared?
(03/03 18:47:41) Zib: Prolly all the ppl
(03/03 18:47:45) Nick White: Yeah.
(03/03 18:47:48) Nick White: Skittish.
(03/03 18:47:56) Yawni : Ooh!
(03/03 18:48:09) Yawni : I have a Q about the viewing windows!
(03/03 18:48:09) ian1: Nick, what's the news on sharper?
(03/03 18:48:13) Nick White: They were acting that way before we opened it.
(03/03 18:48:22) Akin: have the DRC been outside of the pod?
(03/03 18:48:32) Nick White: No Sharper and I had a good talk yesterday. He's meeting wth the DRC right now.
(03/03 18:48:47) Yawni : Are the windows one-way or anything special like that?
(03/03 18:49:26) Nick White: Yeah it was made to look at the animals. IT's something outside the pod that is causing the problems.
(03/03 18:49:36) Nick White: Nothing inside.
(03/03 18:49:54) Zib: Hmm
(03/03 18:49:58) Zib: Bigger animals
(03/03 18:49:59) Zib: ?
(03/03 18:50:02) ian1: An animal or is it the environment which is causing the problems?
(03/03 18:50:20) Akin: are there multiple pods?
(03/03 18:50:22) Nick White: Not sure... seems like an animal to me though.
(03/03 18:50:58) ian1: Maybe a new species was introduced into the environment by someone.
(03/03 18:51:18) Nick White shrugs.
(03/03 18:51:32) Erik: hmm... I hope we don't have to fear for extinction, that would make the whole Age redundant
(03/03 18:52:04) Nick White: Well it's a fear... based on the numbers I've heard.
(03/03 18:52:05) ian1: Is there anything the DRC and do to correct the problem?
(03/03 18:52:22) Nick White: We're trying to figure that out.
(03/03 18:52:24) Yawni : Yeah, what can we do?
(03/03 18:53:12) Kam Uraki: We could ask Sharper to take us on a hunting party in Negilahn to clear out the extra predators
(03/03 18:53:19) Kam Uraki: lol
(03/03 18:53:26) Desert Eagle: nick, will the DRC release some kind of documment detailing the workings of the pod and the names of the animals, etc?...
(03/03 18:53:31) Zib: darn, im stuck
(03/03 18:53:31) ian1: What about the other pod ages? Are they doing better?
(03/03 18:53:37) Nick White: That may not be that far from the truth.
(03/03 18:53:59) Nick White: We currently don't have anyone to take interest in animals.
(03/03 18:54:09) Akin: has anyone tried bringing fireflies from kemo/gira to negilahn? have them fly out the crack?
(03/03 18:54:15) Nick White: To focus on that.
(03/03 18:54:22) Nick White: Not sure.
(03/03 18:54:23) Kam Uraki: I'm game. Get me a maintainer suit and a rifle.
(03/03 18:54:30) Erik: so, Sharper can help out here?
(03/03 18:54:31) Eldar Storm: anyone else getting stuck when they try linking to the book?
(03/03 18:54:40) Yawni : A big rifle.
(03/03 18:54:41) Nick White: Maybe. Al speculation at this point.
(03/03 18:54:56) Kam Uraki: Well... he is good at killing things
(03/03 18:55:09) ian1: Well, as he's said, he still hasn't exactly figured out the cause, just has a hunch
(03/03 18:55:14) Kam Uraki: *cough* Shroomie *cough*
(03/03 18:55:30) Tandy: Shorah Kam
(03/03 18:55:36) Desert Eagle: hey nick... am I right in assuming that Tetsonot and Payiferen are pod ages as well?
(03/03 18:55:36) Kam Uraki waves hello
(03/03 18:55:38) Nick White: It's been a long time since you've all seen Sharper. He may not be the same guy you remember.
(03/03 18:55:51) Nick White: Yeah.
(03/03 18:55:56) Yawni : In some respects, I hope not.
(03/03 18:55:57) Kam Uraki: Oh no doubt. But he still probably likes to hunt
(03/03 18:56:21) Nick White: He feels bad about the way things went down here last time.
(03/03 18:56:23) Nick White: I know that.
(03/03 18:56:28) Yawni : If an organized hunt is the solution, Sharper is no doubt the most qualified.
(03/03 18:56:57) Kam Uraki: Like I said, I'm sure he does. He just happens to be the one who knows the most about wildlife patterns
(03/03 18:57:24) Erik: well, I don't know... is it really safe to go out of the pod.... We don't want to lose Sharper again, do we?
(03/03 18:57:40) Yawni : Does he still visit Africa?
(03/03 18:57:42) Kam Uraki: Nick, on a completely unrelated note
(03/03 18:58:00) Kam Uraki: Are you a Pink Floyd fan?
(03/03 18:58:12) Nick White: I think he went back once between the last time he was down here and now.
(03/03 18:58:12) Nick White: Yeah, a bit. Not a huge fan.
(03/03 18:58:13) Kam Uraki: ;)
(03/03 18:58:18) Lexster: Who isnt
(03/03 18:58:35) Lexster: i am listening to Dark side right now
(03/03 18:58:37) Desert Eagle: hey nick... when do you think sharper will meet us again?
(03/03 18:58:44) Nick White: No idea.
(03/03 18:58:49) Nick White: Really don't know.
(03/03 18:58:52) Kam Uraki: Okay, now... is Kodama a cyborg?
(03/03 18:59:00) Nick White laughs.
(03/03 18:59:05) sil_oh_wet: Good morning all
(03/03 18:59:06) Nick White: Kodama is cool.
(03/03 18:59:13) Nick White: Just a little stiff.
(03/03 18:59:20) Akin: Nick... any reaction from the DRC about the reported sightings of a portal appearing in the pod every now and then?
(03/03 18:59:34) Kam Uraki: lol, that's like saying Cheney is a little devisive :P
(03/03 18:59:34) sil_oh_wet: What did I miss?
(03/03 18:59:41) sil_oh_wet: i didnt know anyone was here
(03/03 18:59:49) Desert Eagle: hey nick... since you`re a linguist and all, can you tell us if it is possible to translate the names of the ages to our language? like, does negilahn mean something in english?
(03/03 18:59:52) Nick White: Not officially. But you know the reaction... there is a lot of strange stuff that goes on down here.
(03/03 19:00:13) Erik: yeesha/bahro related I suppose....
(03/03 19:00:48) Erik: the bahro and yeesha seem be everywhere these days...
(03/03 19:00:51) Nick White: One sec, got a message here.
(03/03 19:01:03) Kam Uraki: So what do you guys know, if anything, about the outside of the pod. What condition is it in... I'll hold
(03/03 19:01:05) Almas: :o
(03/03 19:01:22) Yawni : Perhaps Sharper has passed inspection.
(03/03 19:01:36) Kam Uraki whistles "The Girl From Iponema"
(03/03 19:01:42) sil_oh_wet: Giggle
(03/03 19:01:47) Akin: sharper is now safe to link to...
(03/03 19:02:02) Desert Eagle: it`s Ipanema kam, not iponema! lol
(03/03 19:02:12) sil_oh_wet: Either way its funny
(03/03 19:02:18) Kam Uraki: Whatever. I took my best shot
(03/03 19:02:59) Kam Uraki: Wanna hear something sad? I heard Purple Haze playing in an elevator the other day
(03/03 19:03:08) Kam Uraki: Made me wanna cry.
(03/03 19:03:29) Matthew Allen: As long as you didn't hear Purple Haze in the Kadish elevator, Kam
(03/03 19:03:43) Kam Uraki: No, that would have been cool
(03/03 19:03:55) Kam Uraki: I meant on the muzak system.
(03/03 19:03:56) Almas leans right
(03/03 19:04:01) sil_oh_wet: Lol
(03/03 19:04:07) Erik: :P
(03/03 19:04:10) sil_oh_wet: i wish I had gotten a photo of that
(03/03 19:04:23) Akin: the kadish elevator could use some elevator music.
(03/03 19:04:27) Almas leans right
(03/03 19:04:29) Kam Uraki: Isn't that a sign of the apocalypse?
(03/03 19:04:29) Matthew Allen: i bet Nick is in an overtime payment dispute via KI right now for working on a Saturday
(03/03 19:04:35) sil_oh_wet: Do it again
(03/03 19:04:40) Nick White: Ok, sorry.
(03/03 19:04:45) Yawni : I should hope.
(03/03 19:04:45) sil_oh_wet: Oops
(03/03 19:04:49) Nick White: Looks like the meeting was late.
(03/03 19:04:57) Nick White: Thanks to Engberg.
(03/03 19:05:02) Nick White: They are just now starting.
(03/03 19:05:13) Desert Eagle: the meeting with sharper?
(03/03 19:05:19) Yawni : Way to go, Engberg!
(03/03 19:05:20) sil_oh_wet: How long is it expected to last?
(03/03 19:05:28) Kam Uraki: Anychance you could get us a live feed? ;)
(03/03 19:05:39) Nick White: Negative.
(03/03 19:05:48) Yawni : Is it happening in the Tokotah?
(03/03 19:05:53) Nick White: No.
(03/03 19:05:54) Kam Uraki: lol, was worth a shot
(03/03 19:06:02) Matthew Allen: nick's turning into Kodama
(03/03 19:06:09) Nick White: Ha.
(03/03 19:06:10) Almas kneels down...
(03/03 19:06:11) Yawni : A cyborg?
(03/03 19:06:17) Nick White: A cylon.
(03/03 19:06:23) Nick White: Toaster.
(03/03 19:06:26) sil_oh_wet: How long is the meeting expected to last?
(03/03 19:06:32) Kam Uraki: Ah, a Battlestar fan
(03/03 19:06:37) Nick White: Not sure. Just glad everyone is there.
(03/03 19:06:45) Matthew Allen: oh come on, if you were a cylon you'd be trying to mate with one of us.. now where's Heaven again?
(03/03 19:06:58) sil_oh_wet: is there a mian ojective for this meeting that you can tell us a little bit about?
(03/03 19:07:04) Nick White: Yikes.
(03/03 19:07:04) sil_oh_wet: Main objective*
(03/03 19:07:14) Kam Uraki: Oh God, it's turning into a Sci Fi con!
(03/03 19:07:25) Akin: anyone wanna try getting 18 people into negilahn... now that we're all here.
(03/03 19:07:30) Poutrew: yeah...never link to the Cylon home'll never get away.
(03/03 19:07:31) Nick White: Sharper left on not great terms. He's trying to make ammends I guess.
(03/03 19:07:38) Devokan: where is everyone?
(03/03 19:07:38) Nick White: Make sure everyone is happy.
(03/03 19:07:39) Kam Uraki: lol, do you speak Klingon too, Nick?
(03/03 19:07:53) Nick White: No.
(03/03 19:07:58) Erik: i hope he succeeds... starting with a clean slate
(03/03 19:08:00) Gemini: is that how many you need 18?
(03/03 19:08:14) Nick White: I only like Battlestar...barely.
(03/03 19:08:17) Nick White: That's all.
(03/03 19:08:22) Akin: i dunno... its got the number 18 and everyone still trying to figure it out
(03/03 19:08:22) Nick White: Nothing more.
(03/03 19:08:23) sil_oh_wet: What do I do with this invite I got to a strange place?
(03/03 19:08:27) Kam Uraki: Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, yes many of us remember the tussle between the DRC and SHarper
(03/03 19:08:28) Almas: 18*34/567+4
(03/03 19:08:59) Poutrew: Isn't it up to Cate to let Sharper back in?
(03/03 19:09:03) Nick White: The number 18? Well I won the lotery not too long ago and 18 was the ...
(03/03 19:09:08) Kam Uraki: But people change, especially over the course of a few years. I know I have.
(03/03 19:09:09) Nick White laughs.
(03/03 19:09:13) Erik starts to laugh
(03/03 19:09:22) Almas starts to laugh
(03/03 19:09:38) Kam Uraki: I keep trying Hurley's numbers from lost... no luck yet
(03/03 19:09:50) Matthew Allen: i don't think you want those numbers, Kam
(03/03 19:09:52) Akin: yeah.... lets all cram into negilahn and see what happens.
(03/03 19:10:04) Nick White: Let's do it.
(03/03 19:10:10) Nadnerb: cool!
(03/03 19:10:12) Finn: I'm good at breaking things
(03/03 19:10:19) Finn: Would that be of any use?
(03/03 19:10:20) Kam Uraki: I can tell you what would happen. Lots of bumping into each other
(03/03 19:10:36) Nadnerb: whose neg?
(03/03 19:10:42) Desert Eagle: so you`re going to negilahn too, nick?
(03/03 19:10:45) Akin: come closer
(03/03 19:10:45) sil_oh_wet: We can go to mine
(03/03 19:10:47) Nick White: Yeah.
(03/03 19:10:48) Kam Uraki: Akins I guess
(03/03 19:10:50) Nick White: I'll go.

(Nick goes with company to Negilahn, however he and others are "stuck" when getting there (OOC: Glitch, oops), so Nick has to leave)

(03/03 19:16:11) Nick White: Alright, well I gotta run...sorry guys. It seems like we have trouble in other parts of the cavern as well.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 8:53 pm 
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Wow - that was seriously interesting.

Cheers macnbc ;)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 9:00 pm 

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Nick is spending too much time in front of the TV watching Lost and Battlestar Galactica. :lol:

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