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Sources for the original chatlogs UO - Cavern Today Section and MOUL - Chatlogs

As i get them written i will add a highlights of the month summary.

[spoiler=1st January]

No news from the DRC on the 1st but there where banners and fireworks in all the hoods to welcome in the New Year
[spoiler=2nd January]

A new tee-shirt has turned up on the table on the first table of the Great Stair. Nick White was again seen in cavern, he says he expects the barriers to start coming down within days. He also said that Cate (the strange character the DRC seem to be answering to in someway) will introduce herself tomorrow and that the barriers will be coming down very soon after that. There is some suspicion that the barriers may have been kept longer than was absolutely necessary so that this Cate person could announce their removal in person. (the last comment is mine and a few other peoples opinion with whom I spoken in the Cavern)
[spoiler=3rd January]

Cate showed up in the Beginners Bevin, she announced that the Courtyard had been opened and the Canyon would be open tomorrow. She said she was pushing for the Great Zero to be opened next week and a NEW age!!!

Cate revealed that she had been instrumental in raising new funds and that amongst the companies involved was Turner. She says she is not officially part of the DRC but is representing the backers. She reiterated that what is need now is more people.

(My take on this is that we are at the start of the lead up to launch and if a New Age is to be unveiled then that will coincide with the launch, but that’s only my hunch)
[spoiler=4th January]

Dr Micheal Enberg is seen in the city early in the morning. During a chat he revealed the D'Ni in Nobolen is no longer there and it didn’t appear that he had been there for months. When asked about the damage to the gallery doors he said that it looked deliberate. He also said he was enjoying spending time in the cavern with his daughter Wheely.
[spoiler=5th January]

The island page is apparently turning up in the hoods in its old place. On the Obsession page the links points to there is a link to the chatlog of the DRCliaison meeting with Cate Alexander. She asks some pointed questions about the liaisons relationship with the explorers and hints that she may have a new role in mind for them.
[spoiler=9th January]

Reports are coming in that the 'Private' (eggrooms) are being opened in the hoods.

Victor Laxman and Cate Alexander seen in the city. Laxman says he is having problems with the MT Terminals and the Lattice. Alexander turns up looking for Laxman in not the best of tempers, says that there are problems opening the GZ and that they wont meet her target. She's not happy about that and suggests Laxman be asked about the reason.

It would appear Ms Alexander is one tough cookie and she expects things to happen when she says they will. Possible not the best attitude when your dealing with an alien technology and outcomes of actions are not very predictable.
[spoiler=10th January]

The Docks in the City are accessible again. The Liaisons had a private meeting with Cate Alexander, Vortmax reported that Cate had said the following: The opening of the Great Zero is delayed until early next week, the opening of the new age (which is confirmed to be Delin) has been delayed till late next week, the delay is caused by 'weather issues' which may be force the opening into the following week. Cate says she is not part of the DRC, just working in with them. She said further information about her role would be coming out soon.
[spoiler=11th January]

Nick White was in the City earlier and walk through the City to the corridor outside the Concert Hall which is now open. It has been reported that you can get as far the location of the rope bridge, tho the bridge its self has not been re-instated. Nick seems to be a pretty cool character, he finished off his perambulation by making a leap of faith off the end of the broken bridge where the rope bridge used to be and panic linking.

He made a couple of comments which sheds some more light on Cates management style.

Edited to remove extraneous comments

01/11 13:37:48) Nick White: Laxman is over his head right now.
(01/11 13:38:01) Nick White: And running from Cate.
(01/11 13:38:09) Nick White: Pretty funny...
(01/11 13:38:40) Nick White: You don't tell Cate something is going to be done if it's not going to be done.
(01/11 13:38:43) Nick White: He's finding that out.
[spoiler=12th January]

The good news is that the barriers have been removed from the stairs to the palace alcove, so the Hall of Kings is now freely accessible.
The bad news is that CAGreywolf has resigned as a liaison citing the continual complaints and accusations as a the reason. Whilst arrangements are made for another election Proffessor Askew has been appointed by the liaisons as an interim liaison. (Professor Askew was the first runner up in the recent election so in my opinion it’s a reasonable decision)

My personal feeling at the moment given Cates apparent ambivalent attitude to the liaisons is that we may be seeing the liaisons being disbanded soon as performing no useful function.
[spoiler=13th January]

No new things in the Cavern today.

However the problems with DRCL continue. As a result of the acromony and just plain bitchness being expressed in the DRC forums in the wake of CAGreywolf's resignation as a liason. Tweek has also resigned the post. Whatever people may think about some individual liasons I think its a bad day when people who volunteer to help the community even if it is in a deeply flawed organisation feel they have to resign because elements of the community insist on making personal attacks.

There was a very productive and might i say civilised discussion in the Beginners Bevin yesterday about how the community might go about organising itself. Just general ideas at the moment but ideas which hold some promise. A chatlog is being edited at the moment I will post a link as soon as it becomes available.

Below is a link to the unedited chat log, its in three parts. (WARNING It is very long)
[spoiler=16th and 17th January]

A very busy couple of days, as has been posted elsewhere a lot happened in the cavern yesterday. New emotes have become available, as has the GZ and at least some of the markers. In addition there have been reports of a 'sparkly' thing in Gahreseen which it touched causes something to appear in Relto. Laxman was spotted in the city and a short chatlog made

01/17 02:19:05) To Victor Laxman: Hello Victor, still working on the calibration machine?
(01/17 02:20:17) From Victor Laxman in The Council's Bevin: Just got the Great Zero up.
(01/17 02:21:02) To Victor Laxman: Oh wonderful, great news
(01/17 02:21:17) From Victor Laxman in The Council's Bevin: Yes check one thing off my list.
(01/17 02:22:46) To Victor Laxman: how can I help ?
(01/17 02:23:22) From Victor Laxman in The Council's Bevin: Make sure you tell Cate.
(01/17 02:24:07) To Victor Laxman: That's it ? ok np *gg*
(01/17 02:24:12) From Victor Laxman in The Council's Bevin: smile.gif
(01/17 02:25:18) To Victor Laxman: did she force you to repair the GZ in a rush ?
(01/17 02:25:56) To Victor Laxman: I hope it will be save ... the beam could damage a lot, if not working properly
(01/17 02:26:17) From Victor Laxman in The Council's Bevin: I visited the area and it seems to be okay.
(01/17 02:26:26) From Victor Laxman in The Council's Bevin: feel free to have a look.
(01/17 02:28:04) To Victor Laxman: lol Victor I am a little bit afraid ... since we had already a lot of anormalities
(01/17 02:29:35) To Victor Laxman: does the connection to GZ already show up in the Nexus ?

Today the cavern was shocked when it was announced that the remaining Liasons had resigned. As yet there has been no official announcement from the DRC. The DRC have now announced that the DRCL positions have been dissolved and there are no plans for a replacement.
[spoiler=18th January]

Explorers are reporting that they are finding working Heek tables in the Hoods.

Cate Alexander visits the UO hood. I have posted an edited chatlog here as it is buried in a thread not easy to find (I have edited out all remarks not related to the subject under discussion from explorers but all Cates words are here)

Speaking of DRC Site
(01/18 19:54:02) Cate Alexander: What would you like to see on it?
(01/18 19:54:07) Whilyam: Perhaps more frequent updates from the DRC, such as issues inside Ages.
(01/18 19:54:07) Vortmax: and perhaps a few more moderators in the forum. Perhaps some explorers?
(01/18 19:54:19) pHluid13: restoration dates would be great..
(01/18 19:54:21) J'mee: Yes, progress reports about Age restoration
(01/18 19:54:26) Whilyam: I liked reading about little news bits likt "moved styrofoam to Teledahn" etc.
(01/18 19:54:35) J'mee: Details about problems as well as successes
(01/18 19:54:51) Cate Alexander: Very well...
(01/18 19:55:03) pHluid13: yeah, since we never really get to see them restoring the ages, would like to hear some accounts on what they are actually doing in restoration
(01/18 19:55:05) Whilyam: Perhaps less pushing of the DRC as well, Mrs.
(01/18 19:55:15) Whilyam: Pushing only leads to mistakes.
(01/18 19:55:17) From DonnaDillon in Uru Obsession's Bevin: The more details the better ;-)
(01/18 19:55:23) Cate Alexander: Pushing?
(01/18 19:55:43) Whilyam: Indeed. No need to make Victor pll out any more of his hair.
(01/18 19:55:50) Whilyam: pull*
(01/18 19:56:23) Cate Alexander: Let us worry about schedules and when we need to be pushed...
(01/18 19:56:34) Vortmax: Could we get a look at some Age reports on the site? That could be interesting to read.
(01/18 19:56:42) Cate Alexander: Right.
(01/18 19:56:43) J'mee: Perhaps the DRC could post some pictures as they are restoring Ages, even before they are ready for Explorers
(01/18 19:56:57) From DonnaDillon in Uru Obsession's Bevin: Oh that would be nice!
(01/18 19:57:00) Whilyam: Progress and updates to reflect the current situation.
(01/18 19:57:06) pHluid13: as i understand it.. when someone says they should have something ready, it should be ready, right?
(01/18 19:57:07) Cate Alexander: It seems the consensus is more information on Ages we are working on. More information of any kind...
(01/18 19:57:10) Cate Alexander: Very well...
(01/18 19:57:15) Vortmax: Well, even early reports from current Ages could be very fun to read.
(01/18 19:57:17) Cate Alexander: I'll make a note of it.
(01/18 19:57:27) J'mee: I'd like info on any wildlife they encounter.
(01/18 19:57:32) Whilyam: Perhaps Victor could add some sounds and pictures from an Age?
(01/18 19:57:36) BrettM: Yes, and I would like to see the old Age detail pages restored.
(01/18 19:57:47) pHluid13: yeah it seems like most of the time we just sit here and wait for the drc to do something.. it would be nice to have something to do in the meantine
(01/18 19:58:04) J'mee: One thing that I've been wishing - the old timeline that one could clickon to see the old Age reports
(01/18 19:58:05) Vortmax: Could I ask an unreleated question?
(01/18 19:58:16) Cate Alexander: Shoot away.
(01/18 19:58:57) Vortmax: Many of the explorers have expertise which could be useful to the Restoration, and would love to volunteer. Would you be interested in making use of them? Many would be happy just helping to clear rubble
(01/18 19:59:20) Vortmax: Down the road, not next week or anything
(01/18 19:59:41) J'mee: Cate, would you be able to shed any light on what has happened to Dr. Watson?
(01/18 19:59:41) Cate Alexander: Right... it's in our long range plans but difficult to implement.
(01/18 19:59:53) Cate Alexander: I can not... I have no idea where Dr. Watson is.
(01/18 19:59:54) J'mee: Has anyone spoken with him recently?
(01/18 19:59:58) Whilyam: And about pushing. Yes, it is your responsbility, however, take care to remember the past, Cate. We don't need a repeat of Phil's "incident."
(01/18 20:00:01) Cate Alexander: No that I'm aware of.
(01/18 20:00:28) BrettM: Ms. Alexander, are you taking any steps to investigate Dr. Watson's or Phil Henderson's whereabouts?
(01/18 20:00:34) Cate Alexander: Thank you Whilyam - I'm well aware of proper safety measures...
(01/18 20:00:42) J'mee: No sign of Phil was ever found...
(01/18 20:00:42) Cate Alexander: No.
(01/18 20:01:03) Cate Alexander: This can be a dangerous place.
[spoiler=19th January]

Delin Release delayed, tidbits about a strange new age and word of Sharper

The Delin Age was due to be released today and it did show up in some hoods, but there seems to have been a snafu with the book distribution. There have been reports of books for another garden age also turning up. When the DRC heard this all the books where removed. At the moment there is no ETA for the release. The DRC have stated that the ResEng made a mistake and took books from the wrong stake when they started distributing them. Currently they are sorting them out and are going to put the 'wrong' books in a cupboard so they don’t make the same mistake. Nick White was in the cavern and had some interesting things to say. The highlights are he’s been working with Kodama in Ercana, he has visited a strange 'water age' he thinks was used for energy production, there are water creatures and structures. Says he shouldn’t be telling and doesn’t want the DRC to know(shades of Phil and Sharper methinks). Cate is not best pleased about the delays, apparently this new age is one of them. Cate does not work for Gametap/Turner she has her own company. And last but not least Sharpers has called and is talking to Cate.

Update: The Delin books are now in ALL hoods, the DRC have said that they will discuss later how future garden books will be distributed.

[spoiler=January 20th]

There are reports coming in of the doors malfunctioning in many hoods Delins. Res Engs are working on it and it appears that some have been repaired
[spoiler=January 25th]

Pulsing lights seen in the lake.

Nick White in City. Says the missing bridge may be back next week. When asked about the pulsing lights he says it is the DRC investigating a sunken ship. Comments on the fact that the DRC are arguing over which ages to release including Tsoghal. He has spoken to Sharper again and says he wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to the Cavern. Also says that Sharper talked with Cate last week. Says Cate's not his style!. Nick said he had been to Ercana. Confirmed that the clothes in Delin are not the work of the DRC.
[spoiler=January 27th]

The barriers blocking the stairs to the Library at the back of the Hall of Kings have been removed.
[spoiler=January 29th]

Reports are coming from the city that there is a new Bahro stone leading to a new area of Teledahn with a Relto page in the tunnel at the end of the docks. It apparently gives you a Dock on your Relto.

There are now reports of a new Relto page in Delin!

The DRC are updating their web site, looks like there going with a cyan blue colour scheme.
[spoiler=January 30th]

Micheal Enberg in the City

There is now a rope bridge across the break in the walkway to the T-Junction on way to Library.

Barriers have appeared at the bottom of the Great Stairs

Chatlog with Enberg. Says he’s doesn't think Sharper is returning. He’s not happy with the speed things are being released. Thinks it’s too fast and there are arguments in the DRC about it but he’s on the losing side. Says Tsogal release is delayed.

[spoiler=January 31st]

There is word coming in that a second 'sparkly' has been found. No definite news as to location yet except that 'pillars' and 'levers' have been mentioned as well.

The faster it goes the rounder it gets

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