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 Post subject: TIm Larkin in UO hood
PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:37 am 
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After SWN (which I missed), me and some other folks hung out in the UO hood where I voice chatted some rather rambly analysises of the Uru story and the history of Cyan's art department...and out of nowhere, someone with the name "TimL" showed up on our Age Player's list. I asked him if he was the "Uru Music Man" and he replied "yes I am".

Uneditted chatlog below

At this point, Leonor asked Mr. Larkin if he'll be doing music for a "live event" or for future environments. Tim replied "hopefully an event"

Then I remembered to start the logging process...

Chat.log started...
(03/14 23:02:20) Migo: I listened today, to a young woman, playing for the Boston S.O.
(03/14 23:02:25) To Leonor: I am now
(03/14 23:02:33) Migo: unbelievable gal
(03/14 23:02:41) Migo: 20 years old
(03/14 23:02:42) TimL: nice
(03/14 23:02:56) TimL: what does she play
(03/14 23:02:59) Migo: piano
(03/14 23:03:06) From Zukeenee in Uru Obsession's Bevin: I would also expect someone like Tim Larkin to capitalize his sentences and use proper punctuation...
(03/14 23:03:14) Migo: she is on spring break from school ;-)
(03/14 23:03:32) From Zukeenee in Uru Obsession's Bevin: By the way, did he say that the L stands for "Larken"?
(03/14 23:03:41) To Yali: Guys, could we not be so paranoid
(03/14 23:03:42) From Wulf (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(03/14 23:03:43) Migo: I wish I recognized what she was playing...very lively
(03/14 23:03:45) From Leonor in Uru Obsession's Bevin: LOL! Not even GD does that all the time.
(03/14 23:04:47) TimL: so you're from Boston?
(03/14 23:04:49) From Zukeenee in Uru Obsession's Bevin: But did he spell out his name as "Larken", like you said, or as "Larkin"?
(03/14 23:04:55) Migo: part of the talk show was also about composing or playing in a venue where the cicadias are coming out
(03/14 23:05:02) Migo: no, I am in Virginia
(03/14 23:05:13) From Leonor in Uru Obsession's Bevin: You said Larken, not me. He didn't spell it. It was Yali who asked.
(03/14 23:05:20) TimL: ? cicadias?
(03/14 23:05:35) TimL: bugs?
(03/14 23:05:47) Migo: yah, the bug critters make too much noise for some of the outdoor symphony concerts
(03/14 23:05:53) TimL: i see
(03/14 23:05:54) Leonor starts to laugh
(03/14 23:05:57) Migo: lol
(03/14 23:06:06) Wulf: evening
(03/14 23:06:13) Leonor: That's nature's violins
(03/14 23:06:17) Leonor: Hi Wulf
(03/14 23:06:23) Migo: interesting that some have composed some music with the cicada in it...
(03/14 23:06:28) Yali: can everyone hear me?
(03/14 23:06:31) TimL: interesting
(03/14 23:06:32) Wulf: its been an odd day's events from what I read..
(03/14 23:06:38) Leonor: I could, Yali
(03/14 23:06:40) Migo: Wulf, Shorah
(03/14 23:06:45) Migo: I hear you Yali
(03/14 23:07:16) TimL: thought I heard you...
(03/14 23:07:33) TimL: there yougo
(03/14 23:08:07) Migo: Shorah Abathyr
(03/14 23:08:15) TimL: let's move away from then fountain
(03/14 23:08:17) Abathyr: shorah
(03/14 23:08:51) TimL: might be better here
(03/14 23:09:03) TimL: say again Yali?
(03/14 23:09:10) Zukeenee: Now we're just closer to the waterfall...
(03/14 23:09:41) From finala in finala's Kadish: Ok
(03/14 23:09:44) From finala in finala's Kadish: V
(03/14 23:09:51) From finala in finala's Kadish: Weird conversation

At this point I voice chatted my question of whether Uru has any overarching musical style or theme like that of Myst and Riven.

(03/14 23:09:56) TimL: not really, each age requires different tonality as well as texture
(03/14 23:10:17) TimL: This is a totally different experience than Riven
(03/14 23:10:42) From finala in finala's Kadish: Guys the tree growing page it be back
(03/14 23:10:48) TimL: It also takes place today... so there's quite a bit more latitude as to the pallette
(03/14 23:10:55) From finala in finala's Kadish: I got every relto page know
(03/14 23:10:59) Yali: hmmm, cool
(03/14 23:11:07) From finala in finala's Kadish: Well besides the missing one
(03/14 23:11:38) TimL: there are quite a few pieces in minor keys however...
(03/14 23:12:06) TimL: but that's not the arc
(03/14 23:12:15) Wulf: Lord when will that Backpack shirt go back into the closet...
(03/14 23:12:45) TimL: make sense?
(03/14 23:12:50) Yali: yup
(03/14 23:13:12) From Xavius in Xavius's Relto: Hmm, what bevin is Nick in?
(03/14 23:13:14) TimL: htere's quite a bit more opportunity for variation here
(03/14 23:13:35) TimL: the ages are less related
(03/14 23:14:05) Zukeenee: Do you think you'll be using some of the so-far unused pieces in the near future? Like Feast of the Maker?
(03/14 23:14:18) TimL: doubtful Z
(03/14 23:14:19) Wulf: the classroom or the Egg Room would be the most silent
(03/14 23:14:42) TimL: Not sure what will appen to FOTM
(03/14 23:14:53) From finala in finala's Relto: Hey were is the new age going to be at the same place as the other one
(03/14 23:15:11) TimL: maybe there will be an opportunity in the future, but no plans for it at the moment
(03/14 23:15:42) Migo: This may seem silly question, but, what gives you inspiration in times of doubt?
(03/14 23:15:53) TimL: dealines
(03/14 23:15:57) Migo: lol
(03/14 23:15:58) TimL: deadlines
(03/14 23:16:07) Migo: I understand that ;-)
(03/14 23:16:28) TimL: If it werne't for that, I'm not sure anything would get done
(03/14 23:16:42) TimL: I can tweek forever
(03/14 23:17:03) Migo: unfortunately, when I have deadlines, I end up cleaning house ;-)
(03/14 23:17:08) TimL: but usually the age is the inspiration
(03/14 23:17:20) Migo: the visual?
(03/14 23:17:25) TimL: yes
(03/14 23:17:32) TimL: and story
(03/14 23:17:38) Migo: ahh
(03/14 23:17:49) From Xavius in sil_oh_wet's Bevin: Hey, where is everyone?
(03/14 23:18:00) Migo: I wonder sometimes, each artist is so different
(03/14 23:18:43) From DocOlanA in sil_oh_wet's Bevin: What do you mean where is everybody? We're all here, by the Heek table, chatting with Nick.
(03/14 23:19:53) Migo: Have you ever experienced...needing a certain something and not knowing?...then awaking from sleep or a dream with the answer?
(03/14 23:20:25) TimL: often
(03/14 23:21:33) Migo: I do that, sometimes, like an 'aha' experience
(03/14 23:21:53) TimL: problem is the idea is never as good the next day usually
(03/14 23:22:01) Migo: true, that, lol
(03/14 23:22:09) TimL: seems great at the time
(03/14 23:22:33) Migo: we are so human, :-)
(03/14 23:22:43) Yali: Do you have a particular favorite Myst soundtrack (besides your own)?
(03/14 23:23:03) TimL: hmmm
(03/14 23:23:12) TimL: not sure I should answer that one
(03/14 23:23:27) Migo: I was gonna say, tricky question, lol
(03/14 23:23:52) TimL: I think Riven would probably rate up there ...
(03/14 23:24:05) Yali: Awexome
(03/14 23:24:10) Migo: yuppers
(03/14 23:24:28) TimL: and you?
(03/14 23:24:45) Yali: Riven and Myst are my personal favorites
(03/14 23:25:15) TimL: lot of good stuff there
(03/14 23:25:38) Migo: I go to the Gallery, daily, never fails to start my day right
(03/14 23:25:56) Yali: I like Beyond Gira and Out of the Hive
(03/14 23:26:02) TimL: that's great
(03/14 23:26:15) Yali: Beyond Gira really has soul
(03/14 23:26:19) DonnaDillon: Hi Zuke
(03/14 23:26:22) Zukeenee: Hi.
(03/14 23:26:26) TimL: thnx
(03/14 23:27:16) DonnaDillon: Hi everyone
(03/14 23:27:18) TimL: well, think I'll head out
(03/14 23:27:22) Migo: Shorah Donna
(03/14 23:27:27) TimL: nice talking with all of you
(03/14 23:27:30) Yali: Ok, nice meeting you!
(03/14 23:27:34) TimL waves hello
(03/14 23:27:35) Migo: TimL, nice meeting you
(03/14 23:27:47) Migo waves
(03/14 23:28:46) DonnaDillon: Quiet tonite but Sharper and Kodama were on earlier i see
(03/14 23:29:22) Migo: Kodama, too?
(03/14 23:29:34) Yali: I'm going to go post the log
(03/14 23:29:38) DonnaDillon: Yes sai9d "No' at least 3 times LOL
(03/14 23:29:47) Migo: see ya Yali, take care!!
(03/14 23:30:03) Migo: yah, the Kodoam, lol
(03/14 23:30:23) Migo: heek, can't type, lol
(03/14 23:30:40) DonnaDillon: My fingers have a mind of their own
(03/14 23:30:49) Migo: well, I'm gonna try to see about getting my tree back
(03/14 23:31:12) Migo: call on one of the ResEngs I guess
(03/14 23:31:26) DonnaDillon: Oh I don't even remember where all those relto pages came from
(03/14 23:31:26) Migo: Good seeing you all again
(03/14 23:31:37) DonnaDillon: OK Migo take care
(03/14 23:31:43) Migo: yah, my tree just went poof
(03/14 23:31:51) DonnaDillon: Oh that is weird
(03/14 23:32:00) DonnaDillon: That is the one out on the island then?
(03/14 23:32:11) Migo: I hope I get it back, no...the main one
(03/14 23:32:29) DonnaDillon: Oh where is the main one supposed to be on the relto?
(03/14 23:32:32) Migo: It grew one day large....the next day...gone
(03/14 23:33:06) Migo: over by the stones that rotate, there are 4 trees in a row...towards the hut door
(03/14 23:33:06) DonnaDillon: I have several right in the yard the biggest about 4 feet maybe 5
(03/14 23:33:26) DonnaDillon: Ok I guess mine are all there
(03/14 23:33:32) Migo: the relto tree is the middle of the 4, making it 5th

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:45 am 
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not much news from him then ?

The ending will never be written as long as the called remain to continue on the path of those who came before

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:50 am 

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I remember talking to him in the cavern during Prologue, wayyyyy back; it was a few days after we got the bad news. We were all very sad, and he asked us not to post the log. Nice to hear from him under better conditions!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:05 am 

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Grah! How long after I left did he show up? Remember, I am Azeltir.

Sheesh. Computer maintanance takes the fun out of a lot of things, but missing a meeting with Tim Larkin takes the cake!


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 1:05 pm 

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Wow I wish I had known who he was. I remember saying Hi to him a few days ago in my Bevin. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I got some info from Jazz today and part of it pertains to music history. I told her that a group of explorers are getting together and starting a Musicology Bevin and she happened to ask Nick some questions last time she visited with him, here is what she told me he said:

[spoiler](03/14 17:45:23) Chat.log started...
(03/14 17:45:37) Jazz: Ready?
(03/14 17:45:49) sil_oh_wet: ok im ready - got my pen and paper -- who did he say to contact?
(03/14 17:46:02) Corbin22: Hello
(03/14 17:46:07) Kiyoshi: Hi Corbin
(03/14 17:46:08) PiperDriver: Hi Corbin
(03/14 17:46:08) Jazz: Not to contact. He asked me to pass on some tidbits
(03/14 17:46:11) Granelda: back
(03/14 17:46:13) sil_oh_wet: ohh k
(03/14 17:46:18) Granelda: sdooo much to do these days
(03/14 17:46:21) Jazz: The first singer was Hadev
(03/14 17:46:23) Corbin22: How is you all?
(03/14 17:46:26) Jazz: He was one of the great musicians
(03/14 17:46:28) PiperDriver: wb Gran
(03/14 17:46:36) Granelda: hi sweeties
(03/14 17:46:36) Jazz: Lived from 5644 - 5894
(03/14 17:46:41) Jazz: Got that?
(03/14 17:46:52) Jazz: He did D'ni folk stuff mostly
(03/14 17:46:53) sil_oh_wet: yes got it
(03/14 17:46:56) Corbin22: hi Granelda
(03/14 17:47:07) Jazz: Seems as though one of the famous singers of his writings was Suah
(03/14 17:47:16) Jazz: 5700-5993
(03/14 17:47:19) kxxt: Ty gran
(03/14 17:47:22) Granelda gives sweetie pie kxy a great big hug cuz I really missed her today
(03/14 17:47:23) Jazz: So two famous D'ni singers!
(03/14 17:47:23) Dr Britcom Mom: hello!
(03/14 17:47:30) Granelda: yw sweetie
(03/14 17:47:31) kxxt: Ty sweet
(03/14 17:47:34) sil_oh_wet: wow and one wrote songs too?
(03/14 17:47:35) Kiyoshi: Hello
(03/14 17:47:38) Granelda: soo good to see you
(03/14 17:47:42) From Jazz: I'l;l e-mail you the whole thing
(03/14 17:47:44) kxxt: You too
(03/14 17:47:48) PiperDriver: Hi Mom
(03/14 17:47:49) sil_oh_wet: wonder what D'ni folk sounded like
(03/14 17:47:50) Jazz: Seems so
(03/14 17:47:56) Mireena: under King Adesh?
(03/14 17:47:57) CadCat: great
(03/14 17:48:02) Jazz: Well, Nick didn't sing to me. rotfl
(03/14 17:48:06) Jazz: So I don't know
(03/14 17:48:09) Ly'net: Lol
(03/14 17:48:14) <sniffle> Jazz is sad
(03/14 17:48:15) Granelda: hi Uplum
(03/14 17:48:17) Granelda: plum
(03/14 17:48:21) sil_oh_wet: wow he gave me info - to help -- he is so sweet
(03/14 17:48:23) Ly'net: Why sad Jazz?
(03/14 17:48:25) URU_Plum: hi
(03/14 17:48:28) Jazz: He was thinking of you
(03/14 17:48:37) Granelda givse sweet Plum a great big hug too
(03/14 17:48:38) sil_oh_wet is giddy
(03/14 17:48:44) Mireena: and King Lanaren
(03/14 17:48:44) Granelda: ty sweetie
(03/14 17:48:44) Jazz: I'm sad 'cos Nick didn't sing any D'ni folk songs. lol
(03/14 17:48:48) Ly'net: by the way Jazz, did you put in a good word for Suma and me?
(03/14 17:48:50) Granelda: so nice to see you
(03/14 17:48:51) sil_oh_wet: lol
(03/14 17:48:52) URU_Plum: ty
(03/14 17:48:58) Jazz: Didn't have a chance Lynet
(03/14 17:49:01) sil_oh_wet: i wonder what kind of music he likes
(03/14 17:49:03) Jazz: But I haven't forgoten
(03/14 17:49:14) Ly'net: Awwwwww......sure. You just want him all to yourself!
(03/14 17:49:17) Granelda givse cutie Corbin a great5 big hug too
(03/14 17:49:18) Ly'net: Lol
(03/14 17:49:19) Jazz: He also gave me some historical information
(03/14 17:49:19) peni: gil;ls, girls, he is not that hot
(03/14 17:49:26) URU_Plum: hes cute
(03/14 17:49:26) Granelda: ty cutie, nce to see you
(03/14 17:49:28) URU_Plum: lol
(03/14 17:49:28) Jazz: But I don't know who to give it to
(03/14 17:49:32) PiperDriver: I think the DRC needs to hire a babe that us guys can get

excited about.
(03/14 17:49:38) CadCat: all of us
(03/14 17:49:39) Corbin22: you too
(03/14 17:49:44) Granelda: sure is but dont telll him that
(03/14 17:49:46) Ly'net: they could hire me!
(03/14 17:49:49) Granelda: lol
(03/14 17:49:50) Ly'net: Or peni
(03/14 17:49:54) PiperDriver: That would work!
(03/14 17:49:55) URU_Plum: lol
(03/14 17:49:59) peni shakes her head
(03/14 17:50:00) CadCat: meme
(03/14 17:50:04) Ly'net: Or suma or..... any of the women in this hood
(03/14 17:50:15) Granelda: hi miranna
(03/14 17:50:16) CadCat: we are the best
(03/14 17:50:16) Jazz: Yeah. You're all babes
(03/14 17:50:19) sil_oh_wet: I got a really great suggestion from a fabulous explorer on the forum today - he suggested we throw one of our killer parties here and invite Nick
(03/14 17:50:21) Myst'Aken: You mean you haven't got the hots for Cate ??
(03/14 17:50:22) Mireena: Hi Miranna
(03/14 17:50:23) Ly'net: yes!
(03/14 17:50:35) Jazz: Yeah. He might come
(03/14 17:50:37) PiperDriver: Ahem. Not really.
(03/14 17:50:40) Ly'net: ok. Let the PARTY begin!
(03/14 17:50:41) Kiyoshi: oh my
(03/14 17:50:42) PiperDriver: Hey Myst!
(03/14 17:50:47) Myst'Aken: Hi there
(03/14 17:50:50) Ly'net: who's gonna invite Nick? Jazz?
(03/14 17:50:52) sil_oh_wet: lol not yet Lyn - we have to invite him first
(03/14 17:50:53) CadCat: yes
(03/14 17:50:57) Kiyoshi: you'd suffocate him :)
(03/14 17:51:02) URU_Plum: do we have music?
(03/14 17:51:09) Ly'net: Awwww...... we can start the party without him
(03/14 17:51:09) CadCat: hello
(03/14 17:51:11) sil_oh_wet: I havnt started any music yet
(03/14 17:51:17) Ly'net: sil, music please
(03/14 17:51:18) Myst'Aken: I do
(03/14 17:51:20) sil_oh_wet: there is more history Jazz?
(03/14 17:51:20) Corbin22: Hows it going
(03/14 17:51:20) Granelda givse sweet Mirana a great big hug too
(03/14 17:51:22) Jazz: As long as it's not D'ni folk music. lol
(03/14 17:51:25) Ly'net: hI MYST!!!!
(03/14 17:51:28) Myst'Aken: On TS
(03/14 17:51:37) URU_Plum kneels down...
(03/14 17:51:37) URU_Plum: in anticipation
(03/14 17:51:37) Jazz: Yes more. Bits about Yahvo
(03/14 17:51:38) Ly'net: YEY!!!!
(03/14 17:52:02) Miranna: Hello myst
(03/14 17:52:02) Jazz: and something about how the D'ni food
(03/14 17:52:03) CadCat: the hug was good tho
(03/14 17:52:09) Jazz: They had food Ages! lol
(03/14 17:52:17) Myst'Aken: Hello everyone
(03/14 17:52:22) Ly'net: So where's the food now?
(03/14 17:52:24) sil_oh_wet: yes I remember reading about that in the books
(03/14 17:52:25) peni: hi Myst
(03/14 17:52:26) Ly'net: I'm hungry!
(03/14 17:52:27) Corbin22: really Food Ages!!!??
(03/14 17:52:28) CadCat: i dont get here much
(03/14 17:52:28) URU_Plum: hi Myst
(03/14 17:52:32) Jazz: lol
(03/14 17:52:33) Ly'net: yep
(03/14 17:52:35) Jazz: Yes Food Ages
(03/14 17:52:38) Jazz: Two main kinds
(03/14 17:52:39) URU_Plum: food licking chops
(03/14 17:52:40) Corbin22: awesome
(03/14 17:52:40) Mireena passes around the pizza and soda
(03/14 17:52:43) Jazz: Livestock and crops
(03/14 17:52:46) sil_oh_wet: yes they would bring hords of food back to thier home from the

food ages
(03/14 17:52:47) Jazz: Makes sense, I suppose
(03/14 17:53:00) Jazz: Both were run by the Guild of Caterers
(03/14 17:53:08) sil_oh_wet: yes
(03/14 17:53:09) Mireena: sure
(03/14 17:53:10) Ly'net: I like Caterers
(03/14 17:53:17) Ly'net: they have fooooooood.
(03/14 17:53:19) PiperDriver: I like food.
(03/14 17:53:22) peni: i like food
(03/14 17:53:22) sil_oh_wet: and being a chef was a calling of sorts :-) fancy that!
(03/14 17:53:24) peni: lol
(03/14 17:53:31) Ly'net: lol
(03/14 17:53:35) Jazz: But I think I should tell someone who is really into D'ni history
(03/14 17:53:39) Granelda gives sweet Mireena a great big hug too
(03/14 17:53:41) Mireena: thanks Gran
(03/14 17:53:43) Jazz: So they can add it to their data
(03/14 17:53:47) CadCat: meme
(03/14 17:53:52) Corbin22: :(
(03/14 17:53:53) Ly'net: That would be great
(03/14 17:53:57) sil_oh_wet: someone needs to start a group for the study of food history
(03/14 17:54:00) Jazz: Any idea who?
(03/14 17:54:02) sil_oh_wet: that would be awesome
(03/14 17:54:03) CadCat: i wanna learn
(03/14 17:54:04) Jazz: Hey good idea
(03/14 17:54:07) Mireena: good to see you Granelda
(03/14 17:54:17) peni wonders if hey had a guild of pizza makers
(03/14 17:54:21) sil_oh_wet: lol
(03/14 17:54:24) Jazz roars with laughter
(03/14 17:54:27) Ly'net:
(03/14 17:54:32) Jazz: Guild of Coffee Grinders
(03/14 17:54:38) Ly'net: yuck!
(03/14 17:54:38) Kiyoshi: lol
(03/14 17:54:40) peni nods her head
(03/14 17:54:40) Granelda gives sweet baby Sil a great big hgu too cuz I re3allt missed her

(03/14 17:54:46) Mireena: hmmm coffee!!!!
(03/14 17:54:47) Ly'net: smells good, tastes bad
(03/14 17:54:51) PiperDriver: They would have to peni. Pizza is a food group after all.
(03/14 17:54:54) sil_oh_wet: I particualrly want to know if the woman of D;ni carried Goochie

hand bags
(03/14 17:54:58) Granelda: ty baby
(03/14 17:54:58) Ly'net: lol
(03/14 17:55:03) Jazz: lol @ sil
(03/14 17:55:09) Granelda: hi Jazz
(03/14 17:55:16) Jazz waves hello
(03/14 17:55:19) Ly'net: Rils is on.
(03/14 17:55:20) Granelda: may I hug you?
(03/14 17:55:20) sil_oh_wet: I spelled Gucci wrong
(03/14 17:55:26) peni: yeah Guild Of Designers
(03/14 17:55:35) Ly'net: Maybe he has some info about when he's going hunting
(03/14 17:55:37) Kiyoshi: lol Goochie
(03/14 17:55:38) sil_oh_wet: that would be soo funn
(03/14 17:55:51) Granelda hugs sweetie Jazz too
(03/14 17:55:53) peni: hunting for what? Sil?
(03/14 17:56:02) Granelda: nice to see you tonight jazz
(03/14 17:56:08) Corbin22: How did you get people to come here sil_oh_wet?
(03/14 17:56:09) Jazz: Thanks
(03/14 17:56:13) Granelda: yw sweetie
(03/14 17:56:16) Jazz: Couldn't leave sil out of things
(03/14 17:56:16) sil_oh_wet: the guild of designers could force the DRC to let us wear a more varied wardobe in the cavern
(03/14 17:56:22) sil_oh_wet: I could sure use some more clothes
(03/14 17:56:29) Granelda: i learned it from my big sister peni
(03/14 17:56:31) peni nods her head
(03/14 17:56:41) Corbin22 shrugs
(03/14 17:56:55) Granelda: hi piper
(03/14 17:56:59) peni: URU are you going topless again!!!

ok, entering a NOTE here: This was in relation to the new Jersey (sportswear from wardrobe on relto) not being visable from a far distance, making the person wearing it look as those they have no top to thier body. Strange bug ....

(03/14 17:57:03) PiperDriver: Hey Gran!
(03/14 17:57:07) Jazz: WHAT?
(03/14 17:57:09) Ly'net: brb again
(03/14 17:57:10) Granelda hugs piper tight cuz I missed him too
(03/14 17:57:11) URU_Plum: oh now not me?
(03/14 17:57:13) Corbin22: WHAT?!
(03/14 17:57:21) Granelda: ty sweetie
(03/14 17:57:23) PiperDriver: ty gran
(03/14 17:57:26) Granelda: nice to see you
(03/14 17:57:32) Ly'net bows to the floating goddess peni
(03/14 17:57:34) Ly'net bows
(03/14 17:57:39) Ly'net: lol
(03/14 17:57:43) peni: yes you are!! Plum
(03/14 17:57:43) Jazz: Well, I'll be off again
(03/14 17:57:47) URU_Plum: am i still toppless?
(03/14 17:57:50) Ly'net: by Jazz
(03/14 17:57:51) sil_oh_wet: oh this is great news Jazz
(03/14 17:57:53) Jazz: See you all
(03/14 17:57:58) sil_oh_wet: thanks for the heads up
(03/14 17:57:59) PiperDriver: Bye Jazz
(03/14 17:58:00) Kiyoshi: Hope you remember all the info Jazz!
(03/14 17:58:04) sil_oh_wet: that info will come in handy
(03/14 17:58:05) URU_Plum: bye Jazz
(03/14 17:58:09) Jazz: If I get any more bit of info, I make sure to tell you all
(03/14 17:58:10) Kiyoshi: bye bye
(03/14 17:58:11) CadCat: bye jazz
(03/14 17:58:14) peni: bye Jazz
(03/14 17:58:16) Kiyoshi: thanks :)
(03/14 17:58:16) Granelda gives sweet Sumi a great big hug too cuz I missed her a lt
(03/14 17:58:19) Jazz: No point in keeping it all to myself.
(03/14 17:58:20) Jazz: lol
(03/14 17:58:23) sil_oh_wet: yes thank you very much!!!
(03/14 17:58:28) Jazz: See you soon
(03/14 17:58:36) sil_oh_wet: byeeee girly
(03/14 17:58:37) Granelda: wheres lynet baby
(03/14 17:58:50) CadCat: who was that?
(03/14 17:59:06) ...Chat.log stopped.

If anyone wants to repost this else where -- please feel free to.

Let the Journey take me where it may!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:11 pm 

Joined: Fri Aug 25, 2006 12:14 am
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Location: New Hampshire, USA
Hooray, hopefully this means we'll get new music soon for the new ages! I love Tim Larkin's work. And Jack Wall too.

KI#: 00209201

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:51 pm 

Joined: Mon Aug 07, 2006 8:14 pm
Posts: 53
Hmm, just a little tidbit here. I have previously had conversations with a TLarkin in the cavern here. From our discussions, I *know* that this was the actual Tim Larkin, Cyan Employee. Now, it's certainly not impossible that he would have made another avatar, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. I'm not going to come right out and say that this TimL was a fraud, but it is questionable...

Long Live Choru!
Time has little to do with infinity and jelly donuts.
Drops one cent in the RAWA Therapy Fund and one cent into the Buy Eleri Some Shoes Fund.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:06 pm 

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ummm, are we sure it was actually him? i've run into tim several times in the past, and he's always been on as tlarkin, never timl. was it a custom avvie?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:13 pm 
Obduction Backer

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TimL: If it werne't for that, I'm not sure anything would get done
TimL: I can tweek forever
I hope that the real Tim Larkin's spelling is better than that.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:48 pm 

Joined: Wed Dec 13, 2006 5:11 pm
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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Rusty_Russell wrote:
TimL: If it werne't for that, I'm not sure anything would get done
TimL: I can tweek forever
I hope that the real Tim Larkin's spelling is better than that.

it is. i call shenanigans. that wasnt tim larkin.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:33 pm 
Cyan Employee

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Tim wasn't at work today, though he could be playing from home.

I'll let you know next week.

Ryan Warzecha (greydragon)
Obduction Project Manager

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:48 pm 

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sil_oh_wet: Didn't know that a Musicology Bevin was in the making. Do you know who's in charge? Would love to get in touch and talk D'ni music (and maybe get some more folks involved with the D'ni Musicological Society...)

An open community of scholars, explorers, and enthusiasts of the languages of the D'ni and their many Ages

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 1:05 am 

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domahreh wrote:
sil_oh_wet: Didn't know that a Musicology Bevin was in the making. Do you know who's in charge? Would love to get in touch and talk D'ni music (and maybe get some more folks involved with the D'ni Musicological Society...)

Wow! I had no idea your group existed. Love the website. Did you add the info that Jazz passed on to your website?

I started the D'ni Musicology Union's Bevin, a few days ago, after having discussions with some friends in the cavern who were interested in moving forward with this type of study. We need to get in touch and do some chatting about this. I have been told that I will be recieving alot more information about the history of D'ni music. I will definitely make sure to pass that on to you as well. Maybe even a merger of the two groups is in order - if you are interested. Look for me in cavern. Lets talk!!

Let the Journey take me where it may!

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 3:14 am 

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Haven't had the chance to update the site in a while, but when I get to it I'm going to add a section on D'ni music history (can't believe I didn't include it initially). I would love to chat about this stuff, tho I'm not in the cavern as much as I'd like to be (duties on the surface keep me away). How exciting that there's more D'ni music history on its way... eager to see what that turns up! A merger of the two groups would be in no way objectionable... let's definitely talk about it. :) My KI is 334535.

An open community of scholars, explorers, and enthusiasts of the languages of the D'ni and their many Ages

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:32 pm 

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I've met Tim Larkin twice pefore, once on D'mala and once in Live. He went both times by "TLarkin". Odd, this person sounded like they knew what they were saying, but also, Larkin is usually very quiet...

KI #00072427[Kedry]
"Conjecture is not fact, and opinion is not fact, and no matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it true." - Shaun Lyon

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