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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:53 am 
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Here's a log: :)
[spoiler](04/06 10:50:38) Hitana waves hello
(04/06 10:50:42) Erik: So good to see you again
(04/06 10:50:42) Calliope waves hello
(04/06 10:50:43) Erik waves hello
(04/06 10:50:43) TiareSim waves hello
(04/06 10:50:47) Resolute Guardian waves hello
(04/06 10:50:50) Marie Sutherland: Shorah. It's been a long time.
(04/06 10:50:57) Calliope: We have been worried about you
(04/06 10:50:59) Erik: How are you?
(04/06 10:51:01) TiareSim: Yes... we were worried
(04/06 10:51:29) Calliope: JWPlatt asked me to say hello to you, and that he was worried too
(04/06 10:51:29) Calliope: O
(04/06 10:51:49) Marie Sutherland: Thanks for your concern. I've been dealing with family issues on the surface.
(04/06 10:51:57) montybaby: greetings
(04/06 10:52:03) TiareSim: Is everything ok?
(04/06 10:52:13) Montgomery: Hi.
(04/06 10:52:15) Calliope: Will you be returning to work?
(04/06 10:52:20) Montgomery: Carl's stuck.
(04/06 10:52:34) montybaby: quick lets all press his book
(04/06 10:52:52) Marie Sutherland: I'm back for a while, Calliope, but am "on call" if my mother needs me.
(04/06 10:52:56) Carl Palmner: Wow, two "Monty"s :)
(04/06 10:52:59) montybaby: will have a big party and trash in relto
(04/06 10:53:08) Carl Palmner: My arms seem to have frozen montybaby :(\
(04/06 10:53:18) TiareSim: Sorry to hear that Marie... hope all goes well for you.
(04/06 10:53:26) Hitana: we are very glad to see that restoration is going on well
(04/06 10:53:27) montybaby: paraylisis
(04/06 10:53:28) Montgomery: Let's tickle him!
(04/06 10:53:30) Calliope: she will be in our thoughts
(04/06 10:53:32) Marie Sutherland: Thank you, TiareSim.
(04/06 10:53:34) Carl Palmner: Heh, this would be funny...if it were someone else.
(04/06 10:53:37) Carl Palmner: Noooooooooo!!!!
(04/06 10:53:42) Erik: Yes, I wish you strength.
(04/06 10:53:44) A*** (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(04/06 10:53:44) Montgomery does a dance
(04/06 10:53:45) Carl Palmner tries frantically to move...and fails.
(04/06 10:53:49) TiareSim: :)
(04/06 10:53:52) Carl Palmner: Whoa...
(04/06 10:53:56) Carl Palmner: That's the ne wdance?
(04/06 10:53:58) montybaby: i was thinking of shaving him
(04/06 10:54:05) Carl Palmner: Well, better than the old one I guess...
(04/06 10:54:06) Montgomery: Yes.
(04/06 10:54:07) Carl Palmner: LOL
(04/06 10:54:11) montybaby: imbarrassing
(04/06 10:54:11) Hitana: how are the other members of drc?
(04/06 10:54:15) Montgomery: Made clap longer, to.
(04/06 10:54:18) Montgomery claps his hands
(04/06 10:54:18) montybaby: embarrassing
(04/06 10:54:21) Carl Palmner: Sure--but MUCH better than the old dance.
(04/06 10:54:40) Montgomery: And a new one -- /askquestion
(04/06 10:54:45) Montgomery wants to ask a question...
(04/06 10:54:46) Carl Palmner: do [email protected]
(04/06 10:54:49) montybaby: i dont know they gotta stop using geeks for models
(04/06 10:54:50) Carl Palmner: Oh cool!
(04/06 10:54:51) Javier: shora all
(04/06 10:54:53) Marie Sutherland: I've just now gotten back, Hitana. I haven't seen them yet, so you probably know better than i do.
(04/06 10:55:00) Calliope does a dance
(04/06 10:55:09) montybaby points
(04/06 10:55:11) Montgomery: Marie's here, now.
(04/06 10:55:13) Erik: It seems like the DRC has been very busy lately... we haven't seen the other members much.
(04/06 10:55:15) Calliope: Ive been taking lessons
(04/06 10:55:19) Hitana: ah i see
(04/06 10:55:24) Carl Palmner: I mean, yeah I see.
(04/06 10:55:27) Erik: I hope they take good care of themselves
(04/06 10:55:39) Carl Palmner: Proboably telling us about Pay
(04/06 10:55:43) Hitana: so i guess you can't tell us of any news, can you? ;)
(04/06 10:55:47) Calliope: now that you are back at work, what will you be working on?
(04/06 10:55:48) TiareSim: They seem to have a Twinkie shortage...
(04/06 10:56:02) Montgomery: Are the ResEngs coming soon?
(04/06 10:56:04) Javier: is there anything we can do?
(04/06 10:56:07) Calliope: Yeah..i don't suppose you brought any down with you?
(04/06 10:56:15) montybaby: pulled the pin spoil sport
(04/06 10:56:31) Montgomery: Off to find Marie.
(04/06 10:56:34) Erik: Easy everyone... she's just returned from the surface. :)
(04/06 10:56:36) Marie Sutherland: It will probably take me a few days to get back up to speed, Hitana. I don't know yet what I'll be working on .
(04/06 10:56:39) montybaby: see you later montg
(04/06 10:57:06) Marie Sutherland: No, I didn't bring any Twinkies, Calliope. Sorry.
(04/06 10:57:13) TiareSim: Lol
(04/06 10:57:14) Hitana: thats ok marie
(04/06 10:57:22) Calliope: Lol, im more worried about the resengs :P
(04/06 10:57:32) Montgomery: good to see you again. It's been months. Welcome back.
(04/06 10:57:36) Hitana: family is more important
(04/06 10:57:40) Erik: yes exactly
(04/06 10:57:43) TiareSim: sharper left for the surface recently, has he has not yet returned
(04/06 10:57:59) TiareSim: Oops... he has not... etc.
(04/06 10:58:08) Marie Sutherland: Thank you, Montgomery. I wasn't expecting to be away so long.
(04/06 10:58:31) Javier: but everything is ok, isn't it, Marie?
(04/06 10:58:41) Erik: I hope we will be seeing more of you and the other DRC members... you don't have to work 24/7, we don't want that :)
(04/06 10:58:51) Montgomery: Can I ask you a question about one of the Ages on the DRC site?
(04/06 10:59:39) Hitana: and: whats the name of the last pod age?
(04/06 10:59:40) Marie Sutherland: Sure, Montgomery. You may ask. I may not know the answer, though.
(04/06 11:00:31) TiareSim: Barho!
(04/06 11:00:40) Montgomery: OK. I understand. We noticed that Pento is on the list. Where did you get it? According to the King's bios, that Age was infected with plague. Are we safe? And how do you know if we are?
(04/06 11:00:59) Hitana: we dont want to stress you but you know how curious we are! ;)
(04/06 11:01:07) Marie Sutherland sighs.
(04/06 11:01:16) Calliope: Lol
(04/06 11:01:21) TiareSim: Uh0oh
(04/06 11:01:38) Montgomery: Too soon?
(04/06 11:02:28) Hitana: gosh, poor marie
(04/06 11:02:44) Marie Sutherland: Look, I mean nothing personal by this, but we on the DRC for years have been accused of being too cautious. Do you honestly believe we'd do something to put everyone in the Cavern at risk?
(04/06 11:02:59) Calliope: She has a pint
(04/06 11:03:02) Calliope: *point
(04/06 11:03:12) Mick Houston: Id like a pint
(04/06 11:03:37) Montgomery: Not at all! The issue is that we don't know much of anything. We have to guess most of the time. So rumors get started.
(04/06 11:04:05) Javier: and there is a question all around the cavern... how are we going to help in the restoration
(04/06 11:04:07) Marie Sutherland: We take every precaution available to us with every Age we visit. We have to. We have to assume that every Age is dangerous.
(04/06 11:04:11) Hitana: mont didnt want to offend drc, i think
(04/06 11:04:11) Javier: we all want to do something...
(04/06 11:04:42) Erik: About that.... what equipment do you use when you first visit an Age? maintainer suits?
(04/06 11:05:14) Montgomery: Correct. No offense at all. I worked hard on a letter to the DRC, which never got answered.
(04/06 11:05:16) Erik: It must be scary when you don't know the condition of the Age you're linking to.
(04/06 11:05:19) Marie Sutherland: I'm not offended, Hitana. It's just the irony that gets to me.
(04/06 11:05:31) Carl Palmner: Hi Marie. Long time no see!
(04/06 11:05:34) Carl Palmner says hey
(04/06 11:05:45) Montgomery: Ms. Sutherland is the first person from the DRC I've been able to ask. Sorry it had to be you, Ms. Sutherland.
(04/06 11:05:46) Marie Sutherland: Shorah, Carl.
(04/06 11:05:58) Hitana: i can guess how you feel...coming back here and being asked so many questions
(04/06 11:06:32) Marie Sutherland: It's ok, Montgomery. I will look for your letter.
(04/06 11:06:57) Montgomery: Thanks for giving me an answer, Marie. I appreciate it.
(04/06 11:07:11) Marie Sutherland: You're welcome.
(04/06 11:07:40) Javier: sorry for my question about how can we really help, Marie
(04/06 11:07:45) Calliope: How do you like working with cate?
(04/06 11:08:09) Carl Palmner: How've you been, Marie? Haven't heard anything about you in a long time...someone said you were up on the surface for a while
(04/06 11:08:16) Marie Sutherland: Sorry, Javier, I missed your question.
(04/06 11:08:36) Javier: I just have the feeling that I want to help more with the restoration
(04/06 11:08:45) Javier: I think we all have that feeling
(04/06 11:08:57) Hitana: we all would like to help if that would be possible
(04/06 11:09:20) Marie Sutherland: Cate is nice enough, Calliope, she's just very focused.
(04/06 11:09:29) Javier: you know.. when we finish one age.. then we just wonder around the cavern...
(04/06 11:09:38) TiareSim: That would be a good thing
(04/06 11:09:38) Carl Palmner guesses Marie is dealing with about 50 PMs rioght now in addition to this conversation ;)
(04/06 11:09:42) Javier: and think... "I would love to do something else..."
(04/06 11:09:50) TiareSim: marie, have you heard from Sharper?
(04/06 11:09:52) Hitana: lol javier
(04/06 11:09:55) Marie Sutherland: We were talking about things the explorers could help with before I left. I don't know what came of that while I've been away.
(04/06 11:10:10) Hitana: oh?
(04/06 11:10:16) Erik: well, we've got the stained glass projects
(04/06 11:10:18) Calliope: What can you tell us about her plans...other thatn whats on the website?
(04/06 11:10:22) Carl Palmner: What brought you back surface-side, Marie? Everything ok?
(04/06 11:10:25) Javier: really?
(04/06 11:10:39) Montgomery: We've been given the opportunity to restore some stained glass windows the DRC have found. That was fun.
(04/06 11:10:55) TiareSim: Barho!
(04/06 11:11:03) Javier: yes... but... some couldn't do the glass thing...
(04/06 11:11:07) Marie Sutherland: I went up for a vacation, but ended up staying longer for a family emergency.
(04/06 11:11:15) Javier: that's why we think we could do more...
(04/06 11:11:21) Carl Palmner: Oh no! Everything work out all right?
(04/06 11:12:09) montybaby: sorry full stop in between ya and stupid
(04/06 11:12:11) Marie Sutherland: I understand, Javier.
(04/06 11:12:30) Javier: thanks Marie
(04/06 11:12:51) Sienna: I see I missed the fun.
(04/06 11:13:08) montybaby: well is this a wake or something
(04/06 11:13:17) Carl Palmner: Everything ok w/ the fam now? (Sorry if I am repeating anything others have already said or asked)
(04/06 11:13:22) TiareSim: Marie, you must have had a long trip down... here, have some coffee
(04/06 11:13:49) Marie Sutherland: Not really, Carl, but I'm trying to be optimistic about that, too.
(04/06 11:13:55) Erik: Do you perhaps know something about the last Great Zero markers? We're still missing some to access the calibration center. I know this is more of a question for Laxman, but I hope you know something about it.
(04/06 11:13:59) Montgomery: I've been wondering if there was any way the explorers could actually scrub the city -- it still looks very brown. Didn't it used to be cleaner? Could we help with that, somehow?
(04/06 11:14:11) Carl Palmner pats Marie on the back a bit awkwardly
(04/06 11:14:36) montybaby: can we upgrade light bulbs to 100 watts instead of 25 watts
(04/06 11:14:46) Marie Sutherland accepts the coffee, and takes a sip.
(04/06 11:14:50) montybaby: its a bit dark around here
(04/06 11:15:27) Marie Sutherland: monty, the D'ni would probably consider this abnormally bright.
(04/06 11:15:56) montybaby: i got pupils the size of pin pricks at the moment
(04/06 11:16:05) Hitana: marie, what was the last thing concerning the city restoration you have been talking about with the other members of drc?
(04/06 11:16:06) Calliope: you have pupils?
(04/06 11:16:07) Montgomery: Hmmm. Good point! But I thought the Lake used to be brighter, too?
(04/06 11:16:13) Canadian: lol
(04/06 11:16:54) montybaby: its gotta be a health and safety issue
(04/06 11:16:55) Carl Palmner: That's an interesting thought--I always assumed they lit up the cavern like the Ages, never realized they might have just evolved better eyes
(04/06 11:17:14) Carl Palmner: Are you back for good now, Marie?
(04/06 11:17:18) montybaby: hense the goggles
(04/06 11:17:28) Urubo: WB Marie
(04/06 11:17:50) Marie Sutherland: Carl, I don't know how long I'm back, honestly.
(04/06 11:18:19) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:18:22) Urubo: Why, whats keeping u, darling?
(04/06 11:18:22) Montgomery: Has anyone heard from Dr. Watson or Zandi, at all?
(04/06 11:18:28) Marie Sutherland: If I'm needed at home, I'll head back. For now, though, I'm here.
(04/06 11:18:38) montybaby: just when carl was going to hit on you
(04/06 11:18:58) Carl Palmner: Heh--not exactly, monty.
(04/06 11:19:06) montybaby: lol
(04/06 11:19:09) Carl Palmner: Hope everything works out at home, Marie.
(04/06 11:19:24) Hitana: thx again for being here marie!
(04/06 11:19:43) Urubo: Well, Marie, if u ever need something, just call
(04/06 11:19:49) Javier: well, I have to go Marie
(04/06 11:19:55) Marie Sutherland: As far as I know, Zandi is still at his Airstream, and Dr. Watson has not been heard from at all.
(04/06 11:19:57) Javier: great to see you... and welcome back
(04/06 11:19:58) Carl Palmner: HEh--if you want to talk about it, there are about a million people here to listen...all at once...
(04/06 11:20:02) Carl Palmner shrugs
(04/06 11:20:15) Javier: bye to everybody...
(04/06 11:20:21) Hitana: bye javier
(04/06 11:20:21) Erik: Bye Javier
(04/06 11:20:21) Carl Palmner: Vye jav
(04/06 11:20:24) Urubo: bye jav
(04/06 11:20:26) Hitana: airstream?
(04/06 11:20:29) Marie Sutherland: If the DRC had heard from Dr. Watson, I'm sure I'd have heard about it, even on the surface.
(04/06 11:20:31) Calliope: Shorah
(04/06 11:20:31) Montgomery: 'Night, Javier.
(04/06 11:20:49) Montgomery: Airstream = trailer.
(04/06 11:20:50) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:20:55) Hitana: ah
(04/06 11:20:58) Hitana: thx mont
(04/06 11:21:07) Erik: it's odd that someone could be gone for such a long time....
(04/06 11:21:11) montybaby: its like the waltons "good night jim bob"
(04/06 11:21:29) Hitana: haha mont
(04/06 11:21:34) Erik: i don't know where he is, but it probably won't on be the surface
(04/06 11:21:40) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:21:52) Carl Palmner: I never got to meet Watson.
(04/06 11:22:00) Carl Palmner: Be nice to finally see the guy some time.
(04/06 11:22:21) Marie Sutherland: It would be very nice to see him again. We all miss him.
(04/06 11:22:27) Urubo: Marie, can comment on Nick's recent behaviour in the cavern?
(04/06 11:22:29) Calliope: We miss him too
(04/06 11:22:55) Montgomery: Marie, I'm sorry, but it seems somebody is trying to start an Anti-DRC Movement. It makes me sad and angrry at the same time. I would really like to find more ways to support the fine work of the DRC.
(04/06 11:23:01) Carl Palmner is a bit puzzled...
(04/06 11:23:08) Carl Palmner: Nick has been behaving strangely?
(04/06 11:23:10) Calliope: Lol, nicks behaviour has porbably been heard of on the surface too :P
(04/06 11:23:16) Marie Sutherland: I'm sorry, Urubo. I've been gone a long time. I don't know what Nick's been up to.
(04/06 11:23:21) Hitana: sry for asking again but i guess you have missed my question: what was the latest restoration project you have been talking about?
(04/06 11:23:32) Hitana: *concerning the city
(04/06 11:23:58) Urubo: well, i hope u'll have a talk with him then
(04/06 11:24:39) Hitana: nick did a nice job with giving us some more information about d'ni religion things
(04/06 11:24:44) Marie Sutherland: Hitana, before I left we were trying to get the Museum open. Is that open yet?
(04/06 11:24:47) Carl Palmner: Sorry, Urobo, you lost me, too--what behavior?
(04/06 11:24:55) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:24:56) Calliope: It is :)
(04/06 11:24:57) Hitana: yes it's open marie
(04/06 11:25:04) Carl Palmner: It's open, Marie--three Ages there now
(04/06 11:25:10) Montgomery: Nick's been dating explorers. By the handful.
(04/06 11:25:14) Resolute Guardian: it's wide open...the door is missing
(04/06 11:25:20) Carl Palmner thinks we should be the ones answering Marie's questions :)
(04/06 11:25:28) Calliope: Lol, it was just better that way
(04/06 11:25:29) Erik: yes, Payiferen got released yesterday
(04/06 11:25:31) Montgomery: Marie, would you like to see it? Or have you already?
(04/06 11:25:36) Urubo: ahh, carl, long story. Nick is upsetting a lot of young girls in the cavern
(04/06 11:25:39) Carl Palmner: I don;t know if I'd call it DATIN.
(04/06 11:25:43) Carl Palmner shrugs
(04/06 11:25:47) montybaby: u stud Nick
(04/06 11:25:53) Marie Sutherland: Excellent. I'm glad to hear they got it open.
(04/06 11:25:55) Carl Palmner: That's unusual for him?
(04/06 11:25:57) TiareSim wishes the drama would stay on the surface
(04/06 11:25:57) Urubo: I'd like DRC opinion on that
(04/06 11:26:11) Thumbs up from montybaby
(04/06 11:26:14) Hitana: what is nick doing?!
(04/06 11:26:30) Erik: Chasing the girls...
(04/06 11:26:35) Hitana: lol
(04/06 11:26:40) Carl Palmner: Have you seen the Pod Age, Marie?
(04/06 11:26:41) montybaby: its easier to say what he isnt doing apparently
(04/06 11:26:44) Marie Sutherland: Urubo, I'll have to look into it. I'm not going to comment based on hearsay.
(04/06 11:26:55) TiareSim claps her hands
(04/06 11:27:00) Hitana says okay
(04/06 11:27:06) Montgomery: Yes, and one of those girls is the one starting the Anti-DRC thing.
(04/06 11:27:20) Hitana: because of what nick did?
(04/06 11:27:30) Hitana: or why else?
(04/06 11:27:32) Marie Sutherland: Some things haven't changed, I guess.
(04/06 11:27:32) Carl Palmner: I sort of get the impression that Nick isn't really DATING any of them...not even flirting really, just being froendly.
(04/06 11:27:36) montybaby: lol
(04/06 11:27:45) Urubo: i mean if we should trust DRC and all it would be nice not having one of their members acting loose canon around here
(04/06 11:27:51) Erik: No... the girl thinks D'ni shouldn't be restored... I don't know why she's here then
(04/06 11:28:00) Hitana: lol
(04/06 11:28:04) Carl Palmner: It's not loose canon...honestly I think people are just getting the wrong ideas.
(04/06 11:28:22) Hitana: missunderstandings...there are everywhere
(04/06 11:28:28) TiareSim: Ugg... nothing worse than grape vine talk
(04/06 11:28:29) montybaby: no no i think were getting the right idea
(04/06 11:28:37) Montgomery: She called Cate a dictator to her face. Not nice.
(04/06 11:28:42) montybaby: bring it onnn
(04/06 11:28:44) Hitana shakes her head
(04/06 11:29:18) montybaby: just foreplay
(04/06 11:29:18) montybaby laughs
(04/06 11:29:33) Hitana: btw: the three ages in the musuem are really interesting marie ;)
(04/06 11:29:34) Urubo: How can we have faith in the DRC with persons like Cate and Nick?
(04/06 11:29:35) Carl Palmner: easy, mony
(04/06 11:29:36) TiareSim: marie, have you heard from Sharper at all?
(04/06 11:29:38) Marie Sutherland: If it were possible for the DRC to make everyone happy, we'd be the first in history.
(04/06 11:29:44) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:29:49) Hitana: lol marie
(04/06 11:29:53) montybaby: nick doing his best
(04/06 11:29:59) Montgomery: Marie, I know you just got back, but do you know the DRC's stance on explorer-formed Guilds?
(04/06 11:30:01) Carl Palmner: Do you still visit Bevins, Marie?
(04/06 11:30:06) Urubo: We miss u Marie, u gotta come back and set things right
(04/06 11:30:18) Carl Palmner: YEah! Ditto what Urubo said.
(04/06 11:30:19) Marie Sutherland: Tiare, no I've not spoken with Mr. Sharper in a long time.
(04/06 11:30:20) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:30:30) TiareSim: Thank you, Marie
(04/06 11:31:14) Carl Palmner: Marie gave a great Town Hall meeting in a Bevin I found once--called it "Palmner's Place", heh. Haven't been able to find that one since.
(04/06 11:31:14) Erik: To change the subject: did you hear about the population issues in the pod Age?
(04/06 11:31:16) Marie Sutherland: Urubo, that's a tall order. I don't think I have as much control as you seem to think I do.
(04/06 11:31:34) Carl Palmner: You can do it, Marie ;)
(04/06 11:31:49) Carl Palmner is glad Marie and Michael are on the DRC.
(04/06 11:31:56) Urubo: But u have such wonderful female influence on the boys, im sure
(04/06 11:31:58) Carl Palmner: Nice to have voices of reason there
(04/06 11:32:03) Montgomery: Marie, if you ever read the forums, I'd be interested to know your reaction to the idea I proposed for a Pro-DRC Movement.
(04/06 11:32:08) Marie Sutherland: Erik, what population issue?
(04/06 11:32:30) Erik: it seems like a predator is eating the other beasts
(04/06 11:32:35) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:32:41) Erik: Destroyed carcasses have been found
(04/06 11:32:47) Hitana: yes that was/is happening in negilahn
(04/06 11:32:52) Marie Sutherland: That doesn't sound good at all, Erik.
(04/06 11:32:55) Carl Palmner: Yeah, that's right--Sharper, Nick, and Rils tried to hunt it...found an exploded gorilla corpse or something.
(04/06 11:32:57) Erik: and Nick and Douglas went on an expedition with an explorer to investigate
(04/06 11:32:57) Carl Palmner cringes
(04/06 11:32:59) Montgomery: All the pod Ages, actually.
(04/06 11:33:08) Carl Palmner: It's all one Age.
(04/06 11:33:09) Hitana: really?
(04/06 11:33:17) Erik: Well, all pods are in the same Age, so that makes sense
(04/06 11:33:25) Marie Sutherland: I see I have a lot to catch up on.
(04/06 11:33:28) Hitana: ah yes
(04/06 11:33:29) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:33:32) Hitana: the map...
(04/06 11:33:33) Carl Palmner: Guess so, Marie :)
(04/06 11:33:41) Erik: i hope you can sort it out... I think it's your terrain, is that right?
(04/06 11:33:41) Urubo: and Nick got so scared that he puked. He,he.
(04/06 11:33:53) Carl Palmner: We could show you the Pod areas if you haven't seen them yet.
(04/06 11:34:00) Marie Sutherland: my terrain?
(04/06 11:34:10) Carl Palmner: I gave ENgberg's daughter a tour of two of them already--that was fun :)(04/06 11:34:13) Urubo: Your terrain?
(04/06 11:34:20) Erik: Sorry, maybe I said that wrong.. English is not my native language :)
(04/06 11:34:23) Carl Palmner: Her terrain?
(04/06 11:34:26) Hitana: lol
(04/06 11:34:28) Carl Palmner: (Sorry, couldn';t resist)
(04/06 11:34:37) Sienna: Territory?
(04/06 11:34:40) Erik: i meant these are the sort of things you're workng on?
(04/06 11:34:41) Marie Sutherland: Thanks for the offer, Carl, but I'm not up to it right now. Maybe another time.
(04/06 11:34:51) Montgomery: Yes, Marie ... can you tell us exactly what your area of experise is? Or what job you do?
(04/06 11:35:20) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:35:25) Urubo: Marie do we sense a coup d'etat whithin the DRC?
(04/06 11:35:27) Hitana: who's most into history of D'ni in the drc?
(04/06 11:35:54) Carl Palmner: Coup d'etat? Eh?
(04/06 11:36:01) Urubo: I mean if they have taken the pods away from u?
(04/06 11:36:02) Carl Palmner: Seems to me they are finally getting along...
(04/06 11:36:05) Calliope: Lol
(04/06 11:36:33) Urubo: excuse my french spelling
(04/06 11:36:35) Erik: I think Douglas is on the surface again.... so you could sneak into his Ae'gura office to read his journal... There's an account of the pod expedition in his journal.
(04/06 11:36:52) Marie Sutherland: I'm not sure what you mean by "taken away", Urubo. I've been gone and others have had to fill in for me.
(04/06 11:37:08) Hitana: lol erik
(04/06 11:37:13) Urubo: ok then as long as u are happy
(04/06 11:37:34) Carl Palmner: Marie, you seem kind of worn down tonight--are we tiring you?
(04/06 11:37:40) Marie Sutherland: Hmm... I doubt Mr. Sharper would appreciate that.
(04/06 11:38:25) Calliope: Sharper never knows :P
(04/06 11:38:30) Hitana: nice of you to care about that
(04/06 11:38:30) Marie Sutherland: It's been a long day, and I'm still not settled in. So yes, I'm worn down, but it's not you tiring me.
(04/06 11:38:35) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(04/06 11:38:35) Urubo: Bwana Sharper
(04/06 11:38:41) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:38:45) Hitana thanks you
(04/06 11:38:56) Erik: We're all just happy you're back! :-)
(04/06 11:39:02) Hitana cheers
(04/06 11:39:04) Montgomery: I understand the DRC are (or were) in contact with D'ni survivors. Have you met any?
(04/06 11:39:07) Marie Sutherland: Thank you.
(04/06 11:39:18) Carl Palmner: Still, I wonder if perhaps this big of a crowd is the best thing for someone just coming back from family trials to the chaos of the cavern.
(04/06 11:39:28) Hitana: wasnt it you who met that d'ni survivor, marie?
(04/06 11:39:30) Urubo: My god. Calliope sure knows how to jump?(04/06 11:39:36) Carl Palmner: I've been wanting to check out the new Pod anyway, so I think I'll make one less person in the crowd :)
(04/06 11:39:45) Calliope: Isn't it cool? LOL
(04/06 11:39:47) Marie Sutherland: Years ago, yes. I met a survivor in Noloben.
(04/06 11:40:08) Erik: Could you tell us something about that?
(04/06 11:40:11) Erik: How did he react?
(04/06 11:40:14) Hitana: how did you feel meeting such a kind of person?(04/06 11:40:23) Carl Palmner decides to wait first and hear about the survivor.
(04/06 11:40:42) Urubo: I've been to Noloben
(04/06 11:41:11) Urubo: didn't see nobody but some bahro
(04/06 11:41:12) Carl Palmner: Heh, I think most of us are wondering if that D'ni was Esher, the inspiration for the villain in Cyan's latest "Myst" game.(04/06 11:41:32) Erik nods his head
(04/06 11:41:58) Marie Sutherland: It was extremely exciting, of course, at first. But he was less than friendly.
(04/06 11:42:12) Hitana: lol
(04/06 11:42:20) Erik: What did he say?
(04/06 11:42:21) Carl Palmner: Was it "Esher", Marie, or did Cyan just make Esher up for their game?
(04/06 11:42:23) Urubo: Esher had just been picked up by some bahros before I arrived
(04/06 11:42:33) Marie Sutherland: He wasn't too happy to hear about surface dwellers in D'ni.(04/06 11:42:35) Montgomery: Well, the reason I asked is because SOMETHING is killing the animals in the Pod Age, and I think it is something intelligent. And who besidesthe Bahro can link there?
(04/06 11:42:35) Calliope: What did you talk about?
(04/06 11:42:50) Urubo: ok?(04/06 11:43:16) montybaby: montg its probably Sharper on hunting expedition
(04/06 11:43:28) TiareSim: Barho!
(04/06 11:43:31) Hitana: i can guess that well. surface dwellers are "outsiders" for the d'ni. not of d'ni blood, less worth and so on
(04/06 11:43:33) Calliope: Lol
(04/06 11:43:40) Aberlin: Does he think of us as inferiour then?
(04/06 11:43:46) Calliope: Of course
(04/06 11:43:48) Aberlin: inferior
(04/06 11:43:56) Montgomery: Heh, I think Doug is neater than that, montybaby.
(04/06 11:44:02) Erik: Like in the Book of Ti'ana....
(04/06 11:44:15) Hitana: yes
(04/06 11:44:16) Marie Sutherland: He has not been seen since we returned to the cavern.
(04/06 11:44:32) Calliope wonders where he is hiding
(04/06 11:44:48) Carl Palmner: What's his name, Marie?
(04/06 11:44:55) Chloe: Marie, sorry I'm late, and if this question has beek asked I apologize.
(04/06 11:45:08) Aberlin: There must be countless Ages out there he can escape to.
(04/06 11:45:20) Hitana: ages of ages lol
(04/06 11:45:32) Carl Palmner: Did he have a name?
(04/06 11:45:38) Chloe: According to the DRC site, K'veer is being restored, does that mean the DRC has access to the basement?
(04/06 11:46:17) Marie Sutherland: I'm sure he did, Carl, but he refused to tell us what it was.
(04/06 11:46:28) Carl Palmner nods his head
(04/06 11:46:34) Urubo: What an unkind man
(04/06 11:46:37) Carl Palmner: Well, now I really will head out :)
(04/06 11:46:40) montybaby: rude
(04/06 11:46:48) Marie Sutherland: take care, carl
(04/06 11:46:51) Montgomery: 'Night, Carl!
(04/06 11:46:52) Hitana: bye carl
(04/06 11:46:53) Erik: Bye Carl
(04/06 11:46:56) Urubo: cya Carl
(04/06 11:47:05) Calliope: Night carl
(04/06 11:47:09) Carl Palmner: Really nice to have you back, Marie. Hope everything works out on the surface. If you ever find that Bevin where we had that Town Hall meeting, let me know--I sorta liked that place.
(04/06 11:47:14) Carl Palmner: Good night everyone!
(04/06 11:47:17) Hel_cat: shorah
(04/06 11:47:24) Chloe: night Carl.
(04/06 11:47:24) montybaby: cya carl
(04/06 11:47:51) KennyLynd: Hello Ms.arie
(04/06 11:48:09) Hel_cat: what have I missed?
(04/06 11:48:15) KennyLynd: fiery abyss Ms. Sutherland
(04/06 11:48:23) montybaby: Nick maybe ?
(04/06 11:48:26) KennyLynd: You expressed concern about the animals
(04/06 11:48:29) Marie Sutherland: Chloe, basement?
(04/06 11:48:32) Montgomery: Marie, do you have any questions for us?
(04/06 11:48:54) Chloe: yes, the basement of K'veer. It was a study of sorts for Atrus I believe.
(04/06 11:48:55) KennyLynd: Hello rather
(04/06 11:49:01) KennyLynd: LoL
(04/06 11:49:09) Hitana: if you are not up to date, we can maybe inform you
(04/06 11:49:24) Montgomery: I think Chloe means the room Ghen locked Atrus -- the way Atrus got back into the city.
(04/06 11:49:45) Marie Sutherland: Montgomery, you've already given me a great deal of information about what has happened while I was away.
(04/06 11:49:47) Chloe: montgomery, Yes.
(04/06 11:50:02) Urubo: YW, Marie
(04/06 11:50:04) Montgomery bows
(04/06 11:50:18) Urubo bows
(04/06 11:50:36) Marie Sutherland: Chloe, yes, that is one of the rooms we're working on.(04/06 11:50:40) Montgomery sticks his tongue out at TiareSim.
(04/06 11:50:44) Urubo: Marie permit me to show u something
(04/06 11:50:47) Hitana claps her hands
(04/06 11:50:57) TiareSim: Lol
(04/06 11:51:16) Chloe: Okay, thanks, I was curious about that.
(04/06 11:51:16) Hitana: lol urobo
(04/06 11:51:21) Marie Sutherland laughs.
(04/06 11:51:26) Urubo: Whatta u say?
(04/06 11:51:28) Marie Sutherland: Very nice.
(04/06 11:51:29) Hitana: nice isnt it?(04/06 11:51:36) Hitana: i have one for you too
(04/06 11:51:37) KennyLynd: hideous
(04/06 11:51:38) Hitana does a dance
(04/06 11:52:03) Erik: Maybe we should all go dancing to celebrate Ms. Sutherland's return
(04/06 11:52:09) Hitana: lol
(04/06 11:52:10) Montgomery: Heh, looks kind of like Snoopy's hapy dance.
(04/06 11:52:11) Urubo: if u need a guy for a party, jus call me
(04/06 11:52:12) Marie Sutherland smiles.
(04/06 11:52:18) Arick: Shorah B'shem all !!!
(04/06 11:52:19) Johan: lol Erik
(04/06 11:52:21) KennyLynd grimaces
(04/06 11:52:24) Erik does a dance
(04/06 11:52:25)
(04/06 11:52:35) Calliope: I sent you a pic marie :)
(04/06 11:52:35) Hitana: i feel like a step dancer doing that dance
(04/06 11:52:50) Marie Sutherland: Thank you, Calliope.
(04/06 11:52:53) Chloe: It's good to have you back by the way Ms. Sutherland. We've all missed you.(04/06 11:53:03) Urubo: yeah
(04/06 11:53:06) Montgomery: Marie, can you tell us what your expertise is? What your job with the DRC is?
(04/06 11:53:26) Calliope: We have :) i am sorry about your mother and i hope that all works out for the best
(04/06 11:54:04) vanda: hi guys and girls whats been happening
(04/06 11:54:27) Erik: Ms. Sutherland from the DRC has just returned from the surface, vanda
(04/06 11:54:44) Marie Sutherland: Montgomery, at the moment, we all pitch in in many ways.
(04/06 11:55:18) Erik: Just wondering... how did you get back to here? Through the shaft? You must be really tired then.
(04/06 11:55:23) Hitana: who's best in history of drc then?
(04/06 11:55:26) KennyLynd: Dr. Sutherland's specialty is Anthropology
(04/06 11:55:45) Chloe: Erik, i'm guessing through her relto book. Like the rest of us.
(04/06 11:56:02) Montgomery: Have you been briefed on the new Age that's on the fast-track for release? Somebody here knows the name -- I don't remember it.
(04/06 11:56:12) Marie Sutherland: My expertise is in anthropology. But the days of focusing on that are long gone.
(04/06 11:56:13) Erik whispers "Minkata"
(04/06 11:56:14) Chloe: monty, minkata
(04/06 11:56:15) Arick: Wow it the first time ive met anyone from DRC very cool
(04/06 11:56:34) Hitana: lol
(04/06 11:56:39) Marie Sutherland: It's nice to meet you, too, Arick.
(04/06 11:56:42) Arick: nice to meet you Ms Sutherland
(04/06 11:56:42) TiareSim: That's dissapointing to hear, Marie
(04/06 11:56:59) Urubo: step up in front Arick
(04/06 11:57:20) Hitana is really interested in d'ni history
(04/06 11:57:28) Urubo: Marie dosent bite
(04/06 11:57:59) Marie Sutherland: Hitana, Dr. Watson was our expert. He's been long longer than I have, though.
(04/06 11:57:59) Chloe: Ms. Sutherland, I hate to bring this up. But what's your take on the theory that the animal killings in the pod ages are the result of someone actively trying to sabotage the DRC's restoration efforts. Given that the deaths started occuring shortly after the DRC accessed the Negilahn age.
(04/06 11:58:15) Hitana: awww
(04/06 11:58:20) Montgomery is too. Especially Ahlsander, the Great King.
(04/06 11:58:24) Hitana: and who is it now?
(04/06 11:58:43) Sienna: She just found out about the pods about 15 minutes ago, Chloe.
(04/06 11:58:57) Chloe: wow, that's the first time I've ever heard a DRC member talk about Dr. Watson without being asked.
(04/06 11:59:01) Marie Sutherland: Unfortunately, Chloe, I have no idea. It's on my long list of things to get up to speed on now that I'm back.
(04/06 11:59:01) Urubo: Well, im off to see the new pod. Bye all. Bye Marie
(04/06 11:59:09) Chloe: Seinna, my apologies.
(04/06 11:59:18) Marie Sutherland: Shorah, Urubo.
(04/06 11:59:23) Hitana: bye urubo
(04/06 11:59:25) Sienna: I'm not trying to chastise you.
(04/06 11:59:31) Montgomery: Marie, do you think that D'ni you met years ago could be capable of such a thing?
(04/06 11:59:43) Aberlin: Shoutd it be cause for concern that this surviving D'ni isn't taking a shine to 'surface dwellers' being in the Cavern? If there are others like him out there in some Age who share his lack of, um, amity for us, do you suppose there may be a point where they might take action to take back the Cavern?
(04/06 11:59:44) Montgomery: 'Night Urubo.
(04/06 12:00:31) Chloe whispers to Seinna. "Shhh, not in front of the good doctor"
(04/06 12:00:36) Hitana: lol
(04/06 12:01:04) TiareSim: Marie, i was wondering if you or anyone else in DRC has ever discovered the remains of the plague victims?
(04/06 12:01:27) Hitana: i thought they were brought to other ages
(04/06 12:01:36) Marie Sutherland: There are many things we could choose to worry about, Aberlin. It's not very productive to worry about what "might" happen, rather than focusing on our current problems.
(04/06 12:01:45) Hitana: lol
(04/06 12:02:02) Hitana: if you worry about what might happen then...
(04/06 12:02:09) Montgomery: TiareSim -- Atrus and the helpers from Averone cleaned them up years ago. According to Catherine's book ....
(04/06 12:02:35) Hitana: oh, so they have been all burried?
(04/06 12:02:54) Montgomery: Linked to the burrial Age, more likely.
(04/06 12:03:02) Hitana: ah
(04/06 12:03:09) TiareSim: Thanks Mont... just wondering if there were any archeological finds here.
(04/06 12:03:09) Aberlin: I was only asking if it was cause for concern. One D'ni does not an army make. The fact is that there is only one in existence to our knowledge, but - never mind.
(04/06 12:03:10) Chloe: Dr. Sutherland, I noticed that some of the equipment in Gahreesen is powered up again. If you get a chance, could you thank Dr. Laxman for that. I know that's his department, and that we all appreciate it. There's alot of people looking forward to exploring that wall.
(04/06 12:03:36) Hitana: *cheers for the wall*
(04/06 12:03:55) Hitana loves her maintainers suit
(04/06 12:04:15) Montgomery: You have a miantainers suit? Will you sell it?(04/06 12:04:20) Hitana: lol
(04/06 12:04:33) cxevalo: some of the damage here in the city looks like cratering. has any thought beeb given to the possibality that thay were caused by linking errors
(04/06 12:04:33) Hitana: no
(04/06 12:04:41) KennyLynd: Dr. Sutherland, may I take a nice KI picture of you a little closer?
(04/06 12:04:43) Marie Sutherland: Aberlin, I understand. Yes, it is a distant concern, of course, but not an immediate threat.
(04/06 12:04:51) Chloe: Montgomery, Heh, the Maintainers Auxillary must be looking forward to getting those.(04/06 12:04:58) Hitana: lol
(04/06 12:05:10) Montgomery: Quite!
(04/06 12:05:23) Aberlin shakes her head
(04/06 12:05:23) Aberlin: I didn't think so. It was only a question.
(04/06 12:05:23) Hitana: mont, i meant that i look forward to my suit
(04/06 12:05:27) Arick: Ms Sutherland is there anyMs sutherland can you tell us if anything new has been made available to us here in the city other than the addition of the payiferen pod
(04/06 12:05:41) Marie Sutherland: sure, KennyLynd
(04/06 12:06:01) Hitana: arick, she just came down from surface(04/06 12:06:10) Arick: oh i see
(04/06 12:06:13) Hitana: she was away for long time
(04/06 12:06:26) Arick: well im glad your here(04/06 12:06:37) Arick: I hope we will see you again
(04/06 12:06:47) Montgomery: Marie, please don't hesitate to ask me -- or any of us I'm sure -- for any help you may need. We're all very eager to assist in any way we can.
(04/06 12:06:49) Chloe: I apologize if I missed it. But I heard a discussion when I came in about the DRC questioning somebody about their name. Can someone fill me in on that.
(04/06 12:07:13) Marie Sutherland: Aberlin, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to dismiss your question.
(04/06 12:07:55) Montgomery: Chloe, I think that was about the D'ni Mrie met years ago -- he (he?) wouldn't give his name.(04/06 12:08:17) LegWer: Shorah ALL, Where are U
(04/06 12:09:25) Johan: marie, you are back recently, but do you know of the barricade to the guild hall is changed a little?
(04/06 12:09:28) Chloe: Dr. Sutherland, word of advice. Hide your notebooks while you're down here. Apparently there's a theif going around stealing them. Dr. Sharper and Nick White both had notebooks stolen.
(04/06 12:09:33) LegWer: OK Hi every one
(04/06 12:09:58) Chloe: Maybe by the D'ni that you met on Noloben. But I'd hate to think so.
(04/06 12:10:01) Marie Sutherland: Johan, no, I didn't know.
(04/06 12:10:18) Erik: Dr. Sutherland, has the DRC discovered what caused that "great link" on December 19th?
(04/06 12:10:19) Marie Sutherland: Thank you, Chloe. I'll keep that in mind.
(04/06 12:10:36) Erik: I know that has been a while... just came to my mind(04/06 12:10:41) Montgomery: It was the Bahro.
(04/06 12:10:48) Darkling: yeah
(04/06 12:11:17) Chloe: Montgomery, Now why would the Bahro steal a notebook. I doubt they can read english yet. They seem to have their own language.
(04/06 12:11:30) Erik: I heard the bahro yes, but have you discovered their motives?
(04/06 12:11:31) Darkling: thanks kennyl
(04/06 12:11:44) Sienna: Maybe they're trying to learn English.
(04/06 12:11:50) Montgomery: No, the Barho cause the Dec 19 link-out.
(04/06 12:11:53) Hitana: lol
(04/06 12:11:54) Calliope: Have you seen them yet marie? the bahro?
(04/06 12:12:07) Chloe: i tell ya, everything's blamed on the bahro. " The bahro killed the animals in Negilahn" "The Bahro spiked the punch at the last D'ni expletive party"(04/06 12:12:11) Hitana: maybe the bahro didn't like to have us in cavern
(04/06 12:12:27) Hitana: lol chloe
(04/06 12:12:35) Marie Sutherland: No, Erik, we don't know what their motive were. I doubt that has change while I've been away.
(04/06 12:12:35) Erik: Speaking of Bahro.... the Bahro also placed a new stone in the Bevins, some even saw the Bahro
(04/06 12:12:40) Darkling: why would that be? We did free them didnt we?
(04/06 12:12:46) Montgomery: Plus, I think the Bahro raised the price of gasoline, too!
(04/06 12:12:48) Erik: okay, thank you for answering.
(04/06 12:13:04) Hitana: lol
(04/06 12:13:38) Hitana: you never know, darkling
(04/06 12:13:48) Marie Sutherland: well, as nice as it's been talking with the explorers again, I really should get some sleep.
(04/06 12:13:56) Montgomery: Marie, when's our birthday, so we cn throw you a party? I know Urubo wants another dance.
(04/06 12:14:05) Erik: sleep well Dr. Sutherland
(04/06 12:14:07) Hitana: lol mont
(04/06 12:14:10) KennyLynd: good night Dr. Sutherland
(04/06 12:14:14) Hitana: g'night dr. sutherland
(04/06 12:14:16) Marie Sutherland: good night
(04/06 12:14:17) Chloe: nice to have you back Dr. Sutherland.
(04/06 12:14:20) Darkling: nite
(04/06 12:14:22) Sienna: Urubo seems to want a lot of things.
(04/06 12:14:23) Marie Sutherland waves.
(04/06 12:14:24) Hitana waves hello
(04/06 12:14:32) Calliope: Goodnight marie :) thank you
(04/06 12:14:48) TiareSim: G'nite, Marie[/spoiler]

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Ooo, interesting. I'd been wondering where she'd got to...

Cheers for the log, Erik ;)

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Nice to see a DRC member sighting more in the morning. Helps give the story to more people. :)

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